You’ve been taught you need to know what your purpose is and then live it right?

That your purpose is that one golden thing that you were born to do, a mission of sorts and your job is to work out what it is and then spend your life living it! Because that's the point of your life, it’s why you were born. 


How would you feel if I told you we’ve got it all wrong?

Here's the deal and also a warning, you probably won't like it. The idea of purpose was created by humans a really long fucking time ago to deal with their existential crisis. 

Once we had evolved to a point of no longer merely surviving, we suddenly had all this free time to ponder our own existence. Why are we here? What is the point? How do we work? We could make sense of why the bee is here, it pollinates and ensures crops grow. We could make sense of the circle of life by looking at the smallest plant to the largest predator- They all had a part to play in the fine balance of nature. 

But for us? Humans? How did we fit in?


With no logical ideas forthcoming, we freaked out and decided we must be here for a higher purpose than the bee, the moss, the tiger, because the idea that we might just be here to be here, was too mind-blowingly uncomplicated and mundane to accept.

After all, if there isn't a purpose to our existence, what's the point in anything right? We might as well not bother to do anything and shrivel up. 

Now you are feeling suitably miserable, I want to let you in on a little secret.


There is a purpose to your existence and it is so super important, that you are the ONLY one who can do it! 

You are here….dun, dun, dun…To be here. 

The odds of you being born on the day you were, to the family you were, into the experiences you were is 1:400 trillion.


That's odds of four hundred trillion to one. You, my friend, are here for a reason. You beat those odds. 


You provide a completely unique and specialist flavour to the world and lives are changed and inspired simply because you exist.


That is what you are here to do. To exist, to experience and to be you. 

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hands in handcuffs, breaking free with blue sky in the background

Purpose can be a life sentence.

This might feel a little extreme, but I've seen it happen and gotten in my own way over this many times.

When you are convinced that there is one special higher purpose for your existence, you restrict yourself from all of the other wonderful things you could be bringing to life.

One of the only constants in life is change and human beings are constantly in a process of becoming and unbecoming.

When you restrict yourself to just one reason for being, you are stunting the wonderful growth and new transformations you could be experiencing.




The irony with constantly searching for a purpose is that we are already living it. 

We have one grand purpose in this life and that is to exist, to experience and to be.

But we struggle to accept that as 'the thing' we are here to do as it feels chaotic, without direction and without a point! 

On the other hand, when we create a perceived higher purpose or mission to our life, it creates meaning, offers a sense of direction and helps guide us in our paths and goals.

But there is a huge part of the jigsaw that we are missing in our search for purpose and if we arent careful we can end up missing the entire point!

We need a purpose because it gives our life meaning, but its actually the result of living our lives in fulfilling, joyful and purposeful ways, rather than it being the goal!

And that my friends, takes many forms. There is no one big purpose, there are several attributes that you experience in your life that make life feel purposeful to you!

And that? Is the real treasure and magic to purpose.

Purpose Mapping takes this idea of purpose and opens it up without boundaries or restrictions.

It provides you with a map of the attributes that make you feel the most fulfilled, joyful and purposeful and gives you the framework you feel you need as a human to still feel that sense of meaning, direction and achievement.

It actually frees you from this life sentence of 'one purpose' and opens you up to experiences and exploration via how many points on your map a goal, project or decision would hit. 

It allows you to recognise the activities you love and helps you steer yourself away from the things that will bring you less fulfilment. 

And allows you to see the value in the mundane, day to day tasks that actually bring so much purpose to your life. (Ya know, the stuff you are missing while you are so busy searching for your purpose)

Purpose mapping helps you to feel deeply connected to yourself, gives you confidence in your choices and the time freedom to explore paths that are right for you! 

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So, what now?

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