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Lemons and leaves with lemon essential oiil


Hello Peppermint! Peppermint essential oil is refreshing, soothing and cooling, a real wake up call to the senses!

Fun Fact! The actual essential oil is found by steam distilling the leaves and it takes 3lbs of leaves to produce one 15 ml bottle of essential oil!

What's it good for? Peppermint is amazing for helping you manage difficult emotions and easing tension! Its also fantastic for supporting digestion and oral health (There's a reason oral care products are minty!)

How to use? Drop a drop into your palm, rub hands and cup over your nose to breathe in, diffuse a drop in a diffuser, mix with a carrier oil and massage into shoulders and neck to ease tension, use a drop in water for a soothing drink!

Safety tip! Because peppermint contains high amounts of menthol, it can cause irritation for sensitive skins, so dilution is recommended.

Fan of minty chocolate? You can add peppermint to hot chocolate or when making your own chocolates for a fresh and delicious treat!