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Lemons and leaves with lemon essential oiil


And finally, beautiful Lavender. This essential oil is the most used oil across the world and for good reason! Lavender is calming, relaxing and loving, like a gentle hug in a bottle.

Fun Fact! The actual essential oil is found by steam distilling the flowers of the lavender plant and it takes around 3lbs to produce one 15 ml bottle of essential oil!

What's it good for? Lavender is calm in a bottle. whether its calming your skin from irritations, calming burns and grazes or calming your mind- Lavender is your go to! Emotionally lavender assists with communication and expression promoting a calm and open mind and heart.

How to use? Drop a drop into your palm, rub hands and cup over your nose to breathe in, diffuse a drop in a diffuser before bedtime, apply to the soles of your feet as part of your night time routine, drop into the bath or apply a drop in the shower to allow the days stresses to melt away!

Safety tip! Lavender can be used safely without dilution, but dilution can actually assist in getting the oils into your system more easily! (We talk more about this in the Oils Baby course)

Ever tried Lavender biscuits? They are divine! You can add lavender EO into any recipe that calls for it!