You won't always love how you look, and thats okay.

Person in background with their hands palm towards the photographer with the words Just Me written in large writing with lots of descriptions of who there are written around those words

As you all know by now I am not a fan of false positivity and how you feel about your body is no different.

Forced and false positivity about your body doesnt change how you feel about it, it just causes you to hate, shame and guilt on yourself even more, for not being able to always feel positive about it. Because guess what my beauties? Love isn't perfect in any area of life, so expecting body love to be perfect when you are learning to accept the skin you are in is just as imperfect too and its totally possible that you may never 100% love this body completely. And that is normal!

Not only are you fighting against yourself in this, you are also fighting thousands of advertisements daily that are specifically designed to highlight any insecurities you might have, and/or to not include you at all in their advertising, only further making you feel that your body, your weight, your skin tone, your culture, your sexuality, your gender, your YOUNESS, is wrong and needs correcting.

Not hard to see why body love is a bit disingenuous.

I'd love you to take a moment to consider everything this body of yours has been through, all the stages of life it has experienced. How your body has changed and felt different at different moments of your life. If you want to share your bodies changes and achievements, I'd love to hear them!

Cos my word has it been through a lot to get you to where you are right now and whether you love it or not- you can still respect it, love on it, celebrate it and be kind to it.

  1. You dont have to love your body to accept that its pretty amazing for what it can do.

  2. You dont have to love your body to listen to what it needs right now.

  3. You dont have to love your body to celebrate its mechanics.

  4. You dont have to love your body to treat it with kindness and respect (however that looks to you)

  5. You dont have to love your body to put fuels in, that feel good for it.

To be clear, for me, respecting your body is about comfort, nourishment, rest, gentleness, movement & listening to it, however that looks for you. You don't have to wait until you love your body to start living, striving, achieving and being.

Instead of trying to love the skin we are in, I wonder what might happen if we moved towards accepting the skin we are in and celebrating what this body can do instead?

Or maybe lost focus on that completely and just cracked on with being amazing regardless?

I wonder what you might achieve if you stopped waiting to love yourself first?

I wonder what might happen if you stopped waiting to be a certain body weight or body shape before you let the world see your light?

Because my friend, you have so much to share and the world is waiting for you.

Massive love,

Nici- Dare To Be

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