Where the magic happens.

I had the best convo with my sister today. It probably doesn't sound like it, but it was, so stay with it...

Image of a woman laying on the ground with plants around her, with her hands over her face in frustration

She shared a tiktok with me about syncing your menstrual cycle and your work together and how much sense it makes and I'm not gonna lie, for a minute (or two) I was pissed.

Why would I be pissed? Well, all I could think (and what I said to her) was 'I've been telling you about this for YEARS!'

How annoying that after years of talking about this stuff, someone comes along with a 1 minute tiktok and bam! Eurghhhh right?!

But hold up, this blog isn't a rant about that and it's a fantastic tiktok by the way! This blog is about why these convos are amazing.

I mean yes I'm pissed, my sister is possibly feeling bad for not recalling our conversations about it and I'm frustrated. How is this good again?

Because this space of frustration my friends, is where magic happens if you allow yourself to feel it, share it and work with it and I'm so bloody thankful my sister and I have the kind of relationship where we are honest and flow with what comes up.

I'm thankful to her for being my mirror, even in the moments I don't feel so thankful.

Because yes. I've shared this stuff for years but do I repeatedly talk about it? No.

Do I regularly share how it works for me? No.

And a part of that is because I worry that it would be repetitive, boring and not fresh content. Fascinating how a 1 minute tiktok can bring so much to the surface isn't it?

Because I also know something else to be true. I know that it takes seeing something around 16 times before you take action on it. (Don't hold me to that number, it was some marketing research I read a few years back and I can't recall the source, ironic!) And I know that although it may feel like I talk about the subject a lot, that its within other conversations, or with different people.

Each of those people hear me talk about it once or twice. Ah, there's that perspective!

My experience of talking about this for years, is someone else's experience of hearing me mention it once.

My friends, talk about what you do. Talk about what works for you. Talk about how you help others. Talk about your passions and joys and journeys.

And then, keep talking about it.

And when you feel like you are talking about it too much? Talk about it some more.