Where Focus goes, Energy Flows

Updated: May 7

Life happens whether you pay attention or not. Life happens, with you or without you, weird but true!

Recently, I went for lunch with friends and had my two younger boys with me. They happily sat chilling with their tablets, joining in with the conversations, enjoying their lunches. The sun was shining in through the window, I had a warm radiator against my back, I could see the trees outside all holding the promise of Spring. There was laughter, excited chatter, lots of 'Ah-ha' moments, smiles.

The pub was busy with that gorgeous noise of people on lunch breaks, friends meeting up for their Friday fish and chip suppers, ice being poured into glasses, a dog barking a little somewhere deep in the pub. My youngest suddenly banged his ear and started crying, lots of snuggles and magic hands (reiki) needed. I smiled listening to my friends little baby babbling away and cooing....

You see, although I notice all these things, it's going on whether I notice or not and your mind is similar. It will chatter way to itself regardless. What's really beautiful is that you can choose which bits to pay attention to, you can also choose which bits of life to pay attention to. The more you choose to focus on beauty and joy and simple pleasures, the more of it you see.

It's a little bit like repeating numbers. In the spiritual community, there is a lot of talk and meaning to repeating numbers. Especially numbers like 11.11 22.22 21.12 444 etc. And what's really clever? Is that when you notice them, and assign meaning to them, your fabulous brain will seek them out to give you another little boost. And soon? You are seeing those numbers everywhere and you start to smile. You see them as little confirmations to yourself of whatever meaning you assigned to that particular numerical set.

Because where focus goes? Energy flows.

When you are finding something challenging, difficult, painful- you choose to focus in on that too. And that's okay. There is little point in pretending everything is fabulous when it really doesn't feel that way, but there is an art to dealing with challenging stuff I wanna share because you can choose to look at the difficult thing and not fall down a rabbit hole of letting it define you, your day or your intentions, actions and emotions. With practice, you can start to recognise challenges and step into beautiful non-judgemental awareness and when you do? You will find that you suffer less. Suffering is a thing, it goes with the territory of being human, but you can learn to suffer less.

As you guys know, I work a lot with colour and I'm gonna share a little trick with you that works for pain, challenges, difficult emotions and decisions too!

Mindful Colour therapy energy release

When you are next dealing with an issue, pain, challenge or find yourself falling down a hole that leads to focusing on difficulty instead of choice and options you can use this technique. Think about the particular thing and then follow the instructions below. All you need for this technique is your imagination and a quiet space to focus.

  1. Give the thing a colour. Any colour you like!

  2. Give it a shape. It might be spiky or sharp. Smooth or gloopy. It might be slimy or hard.

  3. Imagine that if the difficult thing was a part of you, where might it be in your body?

  4. Now imagine you can take it out of your body and hold it in your hands.

  5. Look at it. Use that fantastic imagination you have, to see the colour and shape as it is. That thing there that you are imagining in your hands, is the problem, the difficulty, the pain or discomfort you are dealing with. It's right there in your hands and you can see it for what it is. It's just a thing that needs a little attention and looking at for a minute. And it's okay. It's just a thing in the moment that you get to choose how to deal with. Allow any emotions to be felt around this. If you feel an urge to cry or scream or grrr, let yourself! its all part of moving energy and refocusing!

  6. What colour would you prefer it to be?

  7. What shape would feel better to you?

  8. Would you like to get out a chainsaw and reshape it or some sanding paper and smooth the edges? You can do ANYTHING you like. It's all just your imagination. Get creative, have some fun. Focus on changing it to something you prefer. When you are done?

  9. Look at it again. Remember the new colour as you pop that new shaped thing back into your body.

  10. Imagine that new colour filling you from your toes up to your head and smile.

  11. Feel the warmth and relaxing lovely feeling of that new colour immersing you completely.

  12. See how you feel about the difficult thing now.

Sometimes? We just need a little moment to look and then choose the best way forward. Because life will keep going on. Your mind will keep chatting.

But you? You get to choose where to place your attention and now you have an awesome mindful colour therapy technique to take action too!

Massive love,


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