What do you value?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Hello and happy blog day, my friends. Today I want to talk about values.

Now, I don't want to talk about values as in what you can give to others or what others can give to you. What I want to talk about is what it is that you value getting.

I want to be really clear, we're really used to writing lists of interpersonal things. Your values from the perspective of what you give or get from others, value-wise as a person. For example- I really value integrity. I really value honesty and authenticity and these are beautiful things. but what I am asking for today is what it is that you value getting. What it is that you need for you to be your best person.

I wrote my own list of some things that I value getting and I value having.

  • I value my independence.

  • I value calm.

  • I value clarity.

  • I value my energy.

  • I value my rest, getting rest.

  • I value pleasure.

  • I value happiness.

  • I value silence.

  • I value simplicity.

  • I value intimacy and connection.

  • I value the ability to focus.

Take silence for example. As a home-ed mum who also runs a business, silence is something I value immensely and it's really important that I am able to get moments of silence during my day. I'm not unrealistic with it, after all, I'm a mum of four children so our lives are busy and demanding! But I have moments in place throughout my day in which everyone knows that is my time to have some quiet and silence. These boundaries are not only important for me, they are important learning for my children too. I am teaching them to value their own quiet times, to respect themselves and their needs and to respect the same of others needs too. Home ed is a full-time job all by itself, let alone running a business on top. So I really value my silence and what it can teach us as a family too.

black and white image of a face with a finger to the persons lips indicating to be quiet.

The list above is just some of the things that I value and those are things that I can provide myself and that I can get from the world.

What do you value?

What I want you to do this week is have a little think about what it is that you value.

Grab a piece of paper and write them all down, write a list as quickly as you can. List all of the things that you value getting. It might be just one thing that pops up for you or it might be lots! For example, I value pretty mugs with decaf coffee in them and I definitely need more of that in my life! haha!

When you feel like you've finished, you've kind of run out of steam of all of the things that you really value getting in the world, I want you to circle the one that feels the most important right now. Choose whichever one that feels like it pulls to you. Then circle that one.

Now grab another piece of paper and write your circled value down in the middle of that piece of paper. It might be, rest, or simplicity or focus or something completely different. It doesn't matter what it is, just write that one word down. Okay. now have a think about what it is that you can do to get more of that this week.

What is it that you can do to get more of that this week?

Imae of a blank notepad with a women holding a pen, poised to write
Get brainstorming!

Brainstorm around that one word. Write down several different things that you could do to get more of this one value this week and then I want you again, to just pick one, to focus on.

Keep things really simple. The problem that we have is we naturally are drawn to perfectionism and overstretching. We're drawn to creating this spider diagram, with one word in the middle and the 17 different things we can do to help bring ourselves more of that. drawn to all of those things and then not being able to, and feeling really stressed and not very focused on getting the value we had intended! So I just want you to pick one.

Pick one, write that one on a piece of paper and then write down and brainstorm different ways that you would be able to get more of that this week and then pick one of those things, just one of those ideas to give you more of that thing.

For example, if rest was the most important thing to me this week, I would write 'rest' down in the middle of the piece of paper. I would brainstorm lots of different ideas that could help me to get more rest. I could lay down in the afternoon, I could turn my phone off earlier in the evening, I could get into bed earlier, I could endeavour to just watch one episode on Netflix instead of binge-watching four. There are lots of different ways that I can get more rest. But the trick here is to just pick one of these ideas and then run with it for this week and try to do it every day.

Take it one step at a time, doing one thing really well.

I would love to know how you get on, what your value is this week and what actions you decide to take, do share them in the comments or drop me an email, I love hearing from you all!

As always, I will see you next time for another snippet of how I do this thing called life!

Massive love,