Well begun is half done

Hello, my darlings. So I am here with another little nourish bite for you and today our little bite is the wonderful saying 'well begun is half done'.

A lot of my clients and people that I follow have been really struggling lately, feeling like they're losing motivation. Feeling like they're struggling to find the time to get things into routine. Stuff just feels overwhelming! There's too much and therefore they end up not doing anything because in the society we live in it's very much a cannot make mistakes, cannot leave things half done. Everything has to be perfect.

It's a very all or nothing kind of society but what I want to talk about today is this saying, well begun is hard half done.

A lot of people think that it means that you start something well, and then you never finish it. But actually what it means is even if you start small, you're at least part of the way there!

For example, If you are struggling to find the time for your 30 minute run that you really enjoy doing it's better to have gone for a 10 minute run instead than to not do anything and I'm not advocating for you to exercise by the way, unless you enjoy exercising. Moving our body should be an enjoyable experience, not something that we feel we have to do as compensatory to food or to body image or diet culture, or anything like that.

Huge advocate here for moving your body because it feels good and you feel strong and it helps you to feel more confident and all of the wonderful things that moving your body should feel like. But so often we'll feel like, well, if I can't go all in, there's just no point. And that mindset is where we need to start.

Pounding the concrete

We have to start with that first little intention of why you want to do the thing in the first place.

So take the running (I'm not an expert because I don't like running) You are running because it makes you feel good, it clears your head. It's that one part of the day or week where you get to escape the kids and you can just pound your feet on the ground with music in your ears and feel the strength of your legs and your lungs working and the strength of them, your heartbeats strong.

If that's something that you really love doing, think about all of the things that you want to get from the experience instead of the idea that you dont have time or can't do a little of it.

We talked a few weeks ago about what you value and that really comes into this kind of practice. Thinking about what it is that you want from that thing. What is it that you value from it? Because when we do that we're already halfway there because we're already looking forward to doing the thing.

And when we're looking forward to doing the thing, our brain starts to find ways that we can fit it in. It's all about what we place value highest on. So instead of thinking, Oh, there's no point because I can't do 30 minutes think about all of the things that you're going to gain from that experience, what is it you value from doing that thing?

And then you're already halfway there! We're going to start trying to look subconsciously for time to fit that in and that doesn't mean you're magically gonna find that 30 minutes that you couldn't find earlier, but it does mean you're more likely to think- I might not be able to do 30 minutes, but I really enjoy this thing that I do this practice, so maybe I'll do 10 minutes or maybe I'll just get my shoes on and see what it happens.

It's better to do that, right? Sometimes doing something a little bit shit is better than doing nothing at all.

If you are struggling at the moment to get in the shower or to get dressed it's better to have had a wash than to have not done any of it. It's better to have washed your face and brushed your teeth and stayed in your jammies, or it's better to have changed into some fresh jammies, if you can't manage either of those things. It's all about beginning.

Girl wash your face

And when we begin, we're already halfway there to having completed that thing we wanted to do. It creates each step forward and that step we take is creating feel good emotions. Those dopamine hits that we wouldn't be receiving if we stuck with the mindset of I can't go all in I just won't bother.

And the same goes for so many different things. When we think about nourishing ourselves, when it comes to food, if you're not a fan of fruit for example! I'm not a fan of fruit at all and so I really struggle to have fruit in my diet because it's not something I particularly enjoy. However, I do know it's quite good for me. So I do try to get some fruit in there each week.

I'm much more of a vegetables kind of person and you can get lots of your nutrients from vegetables. If you can't eat fruit, it's not the end of the world, but I do know that I do feel a little bit better when I've managed to get some grapes and some bananas and some apples into my diet.

So I firstly remember what value I want out of the experience and then I endeavor this week to have a banana. Not to eat an entire pack of bananas. I dont drop into the space of thinking if I can't eat an entire pack, then I won't just won't bother having any. Becausd it's about those small steps, its about the intention behind it. It's about taking that step.

And that step might not be the completion of the thing that you wanted, but it's still going to get you halfway there. Having that banana is better than not having had any bananas that week.

The same goes for vegetables. If you're not a fan of vegetables and you want to increase your vegetables in your diet, then start small with a vegetable that you have eaten before or a vegetable that isn't massively offensive to you and maybe think about having that once this week or once this month even! Because even if it's once this month, it's more than you managed last month right?

That's what we build on. That's what we slowly take steps closer and closer towards where we want to be.

So if it's the 30 minute run and we can't manage it and we can manage five minutes this week, Good. It's five minutes we wouldn't do the week if we didn't do it.

Another is walking. If you're wanting to get into walking more often, and usually you get the bus everywhere get off one stop early and do that for a good few weeks until it doesn't feel like it's anything unusual for you to get off at that stop.

As soon as you feel like you are just getting off at your normal stop, get off another stop earlier and just build it up slowly because these are the kinds of patterns that create change.

Creating change is not one big, huge all or nothing which you then have to keep motivation going forever on. It's small little incremental steps that make you feel good achieving. We are rewarding ourselves for managing to do the thing. Even if it's a small part of the thing, like washing our face or brushing our teeth or changing our underwear, if we're really not well, or some fresh pajamas on.

And yes, ideally you should be in the shower but washing your face is better than doing nothing at all and it takes you half way there. Maybe next time you'll wash your face and armpits! And maybe next time you might feel like being able to stick a stool in the shower and sit in the shower for five minutes.

It's all about they steps. Have a go. I'd love to know what you've been struggling with because of that all or nothing kind of mentality.

Let me know what one small step you're going to take towards that thing instead, because well begun is half done.

We are moving into the next concept at The Conscious Collective very soon, called Dare to Roar. I cannot wait! It launches on the 24th of October and we're having a fantastic launch workshop too!

Dare to Roar!

This concept is all about rediscovering your amazing voice, confidence and self esteem and we will also be making a throat chakra spray and heart healing rollerball to help you moving forward too!

I would love to see you there if it's something that interests you!

Tickets for the event are currently early bird investment until 5th Oct so do grab your tickets before it goes up! You can check out the event details HERE

Until next time my loves,

Nici- Dare To Be

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