We are a go!

The Conscious Collective launches today!

Picture of Nici looking very happy and excited. Eyes wide, eyebrows raised, mouth open in mock surpise and excitement with some frankly awesome necklaces on too!
Nici is a little excited!

For those of you who don't know what it is, its a layered membership space for you to explore, embrace and empower your intentional living journey. But what does that even mean?

Read on!

In the world right now so many are feeling like they need something to hold onto in the chaos and storm of what has been happening. Anxiety and ungrounded feelings are high. Change is a constant that we have become acutely and painfully aware of and many are reacting in fight or flight to the world, rather than responding as life happens.

We have a new virus to learn to live with, loves have been lost and many injustices such as systemic racism, sexism, systemic diet culture, patriarchal patterns, transphobia and the politics that uphold it all and that have always existed have been coming to the surface in the midst of it all. Life as we know it is changing daily before our eyes.

We as humans are no strangers to change, but its a lot. 2020 is A LOT.

For my own family we have experienced Covid 19 up close and personal, I've had other health issues, my children have been going through big stuff, we've experienced redundancy, having to claim universal credit to help support us, with new jobs starting that had the potential to close my own business due to the many changes it would bring.

But we humans are resilient little shits arent we!

In the midst of it all I have managed to maintain my centre, with the amazing tools that I have learnt and trained in over the years. I have stepped up and into the eye of the chaotic shitstorm of 2020 and stood in my peace, my power and my presence and now, I'm reaching g out a hand to you to come join me.

Intentional Living is how I live my life. Its living life with grounded, clear and present clarity on what is actually going on right now and then taking the steps into the next moment.

  • Its a connection of your instincts, intuition, emotions and mind working in harmony with each other to deliver the best ways for you to step forward.

  • Its the uncovering of our bias and conditioning so that we can shed who will were told to be and become who we are meant to be.

  • Its freedom to live your life on purpose, your way and in a world where nothing makes sense, you deserve to at least make sense to yourself.

Because my friends no matter what, when you are clear and grounded in understanding yourself first, so much is able to fall into place and I want that for you. The Collective provides a place for that to happen, with love, respect and support from myself and the collective members holding you up as you work out the route ahead.

What we have is now. That is all that exists. Lets get you to a place of peace within that.

And if chocolate helps you get there (which it does!) Come make some with me for the Conscious Collective Nourish Concept Launch on 15th August! You can grab your ticket and sign up to the membership at the same time HERE

Find out more about The Conscious Collective here

How it works

The membership has 3 layers. Explore, embrace and empower. The membership launches a new concept for you to learn about every quarter.

At a glance:

  • Explore is the free membership option giving you access to the explore content for the concept, access the Facebook group and get discounted tickets to workshops.

  • Embrace the the £18 per month membership option giving you access to explore and embrace. Deep dive lessons, exercises, monthly group mentoring and more with free tickets to workshops.

  • Empower is the £55 per month membership option giving you all of explore and embrace plus monthly 1:1 sessions with me on top as well as a free ticket to workshops and a kit to attend too!

Its a cracking membership and its now the only way to work with me personally and directly whether that is via the free or paid options!

You are worthy of respect, peace, joy and contentment and I am here to assist you on that journey.

Massive love,

Nici- Dare To