The Phoenix- Cast off your armour.

I channelled these words a few weeks back, during a healing for myself. At the time I had just taken a break from work (which I am still on) due to overwhelm, a need to realign and reset myself and to integrate some stuff that's been coming up since the shift we are all experiencing started at the end of last year. It was only today that I recognised the global and mass conscious connection to the message and therefore I am sharing it for all.

The words below are from the Phoenix. Within that Phoenix energy also sits the energy of Kali, commonly thought of as the Goddess of death and Mother of the universe, Anubis, God of death and Archangel Azreal, Angel of death and rebirth. Another way to read this channelling is via the death card in the Tarot.

Can you see a theme? Death is not the end of something, but the destruction of one thing changing form into the rebirth of another. And the Phoenix is therefore the perfect energy at this time.

As the Phoenix tended to my energetic wounds and ills, she began to show me images of a world reborn and our place within it. Her words came with love as she took me to a place of understanding. Her words are below.

As the old world burns, to ash and bones, so too does the society left behind. The society no longer fitting for the beauty of what is to come.

And those who see it, walk through the valley of death without fear, for they see the phoenix rising. The gathering of the ashes as they blow through nature's winds of time, just as they have so many times before.

The Phoenix rises and so too do you, stripped as you emerge into the world, your first taste of air filling your lungs as if you have never truly taken breath before, the brightness of the sun warming the naked skin of your body. Naked and stripped of all the armour, the protections and spell work that felt so necessary to keep in place in the harshness of the world before this one.

For now, as you step anew onto ground that feels familiar, like a childs memory from only yesterday, you feel the freedom of walking without such weights. No harm can be done to you that you have not already experienced. Mirrored through your energy is the knowledge that you see yourself reflected throughout this new world and all see truth of the same. And so? What good is hiding yourself from yourself any longer. Free to expand and open your loving arms wide to all because in truth you are simply meeting yourself.

Nature does not have favourites. It does not choose to look lovingly upon one and not so on another. It simply is. Ebbing and flowing, death and birth, destruction and creation. It all simply is. And A new understanding and compassion grows inside of you as you recognise those who suffer in nature, instead coming to see them with knowing hearts that those people must accept their very nature to become no longer at odds with it. And soon instead of feeling that they love nature but nature does not love them, they recognise the truth that they are nature and therefore there is parts of themselves where love seeks to be.

Emerging from the ash and dust and bones of the world that once was, like a newborn child with no conscious awareness of the false reality they will create around themselves, you will birth anew into creation itself. Thought and heart and body and soul as one being coexisting in harmony with one another.

Soul Instinct driving your values.

Intuition steering your paths

Body flowing in harmony.

Mind resting in a place where the mind belongs.

And as the dust settles and the memory of this emergence fades with those around you returning to old worlds that feel safe to the mind, you will reach open your arms to a new generation of beings who too feel the fire of the phoenix within them and the freedom to walk through the valley of death into the new.

No longer spiraling into spaces of suffering and despair- all who can see, will see with fresh eyes upon a world of reflection, truth and the chaotic beauty of nature and those who do not? Shall not.

There is no urge to save, to rescue, nature does not see a fading tree and rush to extend its life. It simply holds space for those who see and for the next phase of life to come to pass. And so too will you.

Ever loving,