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Todays blog is a little insight into the inner workings of my mind and practice as a guide, mentor and healer. You see when you take up the mantle of doing the work you chose to come here and do, you walk it every day and it seeps into everything.

If you are anything like me, words mean a lot. (and actions mean even more!) I have quite the turbulent relationship with words because they can convey so many different things in just a few letters, which can be positive or disastrous depending on the situation, the person and the world, right?

I've always loved words and writing but as my love for metaphysics and the esoteric grew, I began to see the magic that exists behind words too. The intention, the invocation, the legs behind them, if you will.

So as I was sat tapping my pen this week trying to settle on a name for my new flagship offering, I knew it had to be just right. It needed to be succinct and simple, but also clear on exactly what intention I have set behind the purpose of the membership.

Does anyone else set intent behind something and then weave a name in? Or visa versa? I know I do and not just with words. When I created my logo from a channelled visit with the Phoenix, the design became more than a business logo. It became a sigil, an image drenched in magic and intention, allowing all who see it to get a little dose of intentional living. The image has the intention of allowing that fire in their belly to be ignited with potential for the journey they may choose to take by working with me.

There is a beauty to it. The Phoenix reminding us that at any moment we can enter the inner world of our own consciousness, walk our path with intention and awareness, burn away those old beliefs and systems and re-emerge anew. Its actually something we do unconsciously every day. As we sleep, we reorder, clear the cache, make sense of information and update our database with all the information we recieved that day, ready for a new day as the sun rises.

My work simply asks that we do more of that consciously in our waking moments too.

Back to this weeks task, I needed a name for my new membership system and also for the different 'levels' of that system, that represents the layered approach to the work I do. I dislike the work 'levels' because it drums up spaces in my mind where you complete a level and move up towards some kind of finish line.

That isn't where my work takes you. Intentional living is a practice. It's that journey of going for a wander in the woods to explore. Sometimes exploring the surface is exactly where you need to be to find some beautiful stuff.

The island-Scenery picture take late afternoon of trees on an island within a lake, with the sun shining on the green leaves and whisps of cloud in a blue sky

Maybe on your wander through the woods you come across a lake. Its a warm balmy day and you decide to have a paddle. You are now in new surroundings, a new layer to your experience. Maybe you choose to stay in the shallows and enjoy the scenery or maybe you choose to dive in a little deeper and embrace the water. Or maybe you want to swim right out into the lake and dive in to really empower what you are learning and work with me on a personal basis to really get into the depths.

Thing is, when you dive in you still need to come up for air. You still need to float a while, maybe find your way back to the shallows for a while, or rest in the sun on the shore and take in the scenery again.

Recognising needs change and where you may be at different times in your journey too is essential. So a layered membership had to be a thing. And so the Explore, Embrace, Empower layers to my system were born with the ability for you to move between the layers as you need.

The name for the journey itself came to me once I had created the beautiful visualisation above in my mind. A coming together of all of my work into one space, with one common objective and purpose.

Breaking it down this is the energy behind what I am building!

Conscious- Aware of and responding to ones surroundings or having knowledge of something.

Collective- A group that share (or are motivated by) at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.

The intention- To provide a space for a coming together of humans who share the desire to be more aware, intentional and connected in their lives, who wish to move through life with presence, peace and power in their steps.

I'm so excited to be in this creative space right now, bringing together the elements of The Conscious Collective and I will come up for air soon (as we all do) but for now, I wanted to share a little insight into the beautiful and wacky world of me and where my travels through the woods are taking me right now.

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Massive love,

Nici- Dare To Be


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