Reiki or CHH Reiki- What's the difference?

Recently some friends and I were discussing all the wonderful healing modalities out there and trying to get a better understanding of the differences and benefits.

So today I thought I'd share my own thoughts on the differences between the standard Reiki I offer and my own healing modality, CHH Reiki.

Before I go on I want to explain something about my wording. There is nothing standard about Reiki. It's a frankly beautiful life changing healing modality that as a stand alone has a multitude of benefits.

My own healing modality has a foundation of reiki that oversees the entire process and so the word standard in this case, simply means without anything added.

For me, standard reiki is provided for ongoing general wellbeing.

Its an opportunity for relaxation, time to yourself, dedicated time for cleansing and alignment and works in a slow and steady pace to balance and increase your health and vitality.

When clients come to me for standard Reiki they are often dealing with the daily grind, stress and overwhelm, longer term health issues, aches and pains. They also come to me for an alternative therapy that can compliment other treatments they are going through at that time, for example treatments for cancer, post op treatments, or along side recovery treatments.

And for some clients, coming for regular reiki provides them with some of the only time they get to themselves, to spend on themselves and that monthly treatment is a part of their self care routine.

I see standard reiki sessions as essential maintenance. I do self heal reiki as part of my own daily routine to maintain and cleanse and keep my own energy aligned.

CHH Reiki is completely different.

A heart shaped leaf, on top of a knotted rope laying on wood

CHH stands for conscious heart healing and its my own modality using several of my tools to create healing that works on a root level.

CHH Reiki mixes reiki, colour therapy, coaching, hypnotic suggestion, socratic questioning, story rewriting, affirmation and visualisation to bring forward deeply rooted beliefs and conditioning into the conscious mind to be healed in the heart space. It's big work that can completely change your life.

When clients come to me for CHH Reiki they are often dealing with big blocks in their life. They may have long term chronic illness that exhausts them, shorter term illness that returns randomly that they want rid of, problems that have taken over their lives, self worth or confidence difficulties, or even allergies they are fed up with.

These clients have often tried many things to deal with their difficulties and have a deep intuitive knowing that there is more to life than the suffering they are ex