Mercury in what now?!

In my full moon post I gave a little nod to Mercury retrograde in Gemini starting this Saturday 29th May.

Now everyone freaks about Mercury retrogrades despite us having 3 or 4 of them every year and I think a lot of that is down to the fact that doom and drama sells and gets all the likes and interaction, so let's look at this retrograde in a different light that can get you seeing the benefits and gifts of this gorgeous tool the planets give us!

Mercury is all about communication, communication, communication! Its the glue that holds all forms of intersocial connection together, so it rules writing, listening, speaking, reading, what's said and also importantly what's NOT said but felt too. But because its also about connection, think not just in terms of immediate communication but also in relation to emails, text, post, tech that enables communication, negotiations, collaborations, travel.

When this planet appears to be going backwards, all of these forms of communication can go backwards with it.

But heres the sting, Mercury isn't creating the chaos.

We've all seen the 'I'm sorry for everything that happened in Mercury retrograde' memes. But heres what I've learnt about this helpful friend.

Instead of blaming dear old Mercury

I've recognised it's showing me the weak points in my own communications and connections that are already creating chaos or could do, down the line.

Its showing me where I need to be more patient, flexible, appreciative, understanding.

It REminds me to stop trying to do 100 things at once and instead focus on being more present and doing one thing well, at a time.

The reason my life might feel chaotic in this season, isn't because of Mercury, its because of REsistance to the flow of life and pushing back against balance. Ouch!

This is a period for me to REflect on what I'm putting my energy into. And that goes for everything. Work, friendships, relationships, projects, tech use, Netflix....

  • To REframe communication as it happens.

  • To REview my plans and goals and journey.

  • But it's also a time for me to REfrain from making any massive life altering changes until this time has passed.

Now. This retrograde is in Gemini.