Meow or roar?

I cannot wait to share Dare To Roar with you but I also recognise that the reason I can't wait is because I know all the ins and outs of the concept and the route I will be guiding you through!

We like to know stuff as humans don't we. Especially if the idea of roaring like the powerful, present and strong person you are, feels terrifying and you run the risk of letting out an awkward strained meow instead!

Lion cub trying to roar! Bless!

So I thought I would give you a little insight into what we will be doing for the next 3 months in the collective!

We start the concept off with our launch on 24th Oct, tickets are still available until 19th October HERE

The launch can be used by you as a standalone workshop/class, or as an introduction to the beautiful work we will be continuing to step into in the membership space. Its the perfect opportunity to see how I work, have some fun, make some awesome physical tools to support you AND you are guaranteed to come away from it with mindset tools to use regardless of where you are at.

In terms of the physical tools- you will create your own bespoke heart healing rollerball and throat chakra spray, learning about the emotional support essential oils can being you on this journey.

Aaaand then its onwards into exploring and embracing Roar.

If you are an Explore member

When the concept launches Explore members will find the Roar eBook to have a nose through along with a new 'teach in' video and audio meditation/visualisation to assist you on your journey. The daily prompts in the Facebook group will change to encourage actions and thoughts relating to the roar concept and there will be a monthly Friday live call with me for Q and A, learning space and connection too! Not forgetting the monthly oil education with our oil of the month videos!

If you are an Embrace/Empower member

For Embrace and Empower members its onwards into the more hands on work. You will recieve the Roar journal, with 3 meditations/ visualisations to use throughout the concept along with a video teach in every week for the next 14 weeks.

The work is split into 3 themes. Inner child for approx the first month, present self, the second month and future self, the third month. All videos will be available in the membership space straight away, but you will also recieve the weekly blog with that weeks video and corresponding journal section to help you to organise your learning/unlearning!

On top of that our monthly group mentoring sessions will be live teach ins to ensure that you are able to make the most of the interactive and connection building nature of roar! Novembers call will centre around inner child, Dec's will be present self and Jan's will be Future self.

As an Empower member you recieve all of the above plus a monthly one to one session with me to really empower the work you are doing for yourself!

Embrace and Empower members also recieve the roar progress wheels at the beginning of the concept and the end, which is a beautiful visual of the progress you have made in your own goals for this concept too.

So which layer of The Collective is right for you?

  • To explore The Collective is Free of financial commitment, not free of value. If you follow the prompts and dive into the tools provided, you WILL notice a difference.

  • To see deep lasting change I recommend the Embrace layer. This is £18 per month. Please note this is increasing to £28 per month as of February 2021. Anyone who enters Embrace before the next concept launch in Feb will keep the original pricing of £18 per month for as long as you remain in that membership layer!

  • To get to the roots and do powerful one to one work with me, Empower is the layer for you at £55 per month. This is increasing to £65 per month as of February 2021. Anyone who enters Empower before the next concept launch in Feb will keep the original pricing of £55 per month, as long as you remain in that membership layer!

With any layer I recommend committing to the entire length of the concept, to get results you may be expecting.

You can check out the membership by clicking the picture below!

I hope that gives you a bit more info into what to expect from The Collective and I can't wait to get started with you all in a few weeks!

I'd also love to know your big wins and take aways from the last 3 months of Nourish too! Do share them in the comments below or in the Facebook group!

Massive love

Nici-Dare To Be

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