Letting go of labels

Happy Thursday, I hope you are already well and cracking on with it your day. Today I want to talk about labels. I would really love you to tell me some of the labels that you described yourself with or others use for you in the comments. I'd love to just know all of the different labels that you think either that you are, or that maybe describe what you do.

So for example, one of my labels is that I'm a woman. One of them is that I'm a mum, I'm a wife, I'm a sister. I'm an auntie. I'm also a healer. I'm married. I'm a spiritual person. I'm not a religious person. Maybe you're an atheist or maybe you're a Christian or a Catholic. These are all different kinds of labels.

Some more labels for me is I'm slim. I'm blue-eyed. I shaved my head. I'm funny. I'm forgetful. I'm also stroppy and very blunt. So we all know that there are labels, for absolutely everything and what's really interesting is that sometimes we can get so attached to these labels that we kind of forget that we're more. We are more than those labels.

We forget that we are more than the labels that we, and the society that we live in place upon us and I wonder if we wrote all of those labels, if we grabbed a pen and we wrote all of those labels on our body, would there be any skin that wasn't covered? There are so many different things that we use to describe ourselves and who we are. A few more of mine, I have blonde hair, I am cishet. I'm white. These are all labels that we give ourselves and that society gives us for how they perceive us and for how to navigate the world as well.

So if we take the label mother, for example, the label mother comes with very specific blueprints. It kind of comes with what's expected of you as a mother, there are rules. Expectations, a kind of design. Now, if you think about every single label that we've just been talking about, covering yourself in all of those words that describe either who you are. Who people think you are, who people decide you are, or, what society decides you are. If you think about every single one of those labels, each one of those comes with a set of instructions about what the label means and what it doesn't mean. And that is a hell of a lot for you to be running in your head at the same time.

Now I know that the brain is magnificent, it's an amazing piece of equipment but you know, I wonder if we could consider whether some of the labels still serve? Now, letting go of labels can be really difficult because often labels are helpful and some labels are more helpful than others, but it's really important that we recognise that we are more than just the labels that we are currently covered in.

I'm more than a mother.

I am more than a woman.

I am more than a healer.

I'm more than slim or white or forgetful or blunt.

There's more to me than each of these labels. Instead, what we are is a beautiful contradiction of all of them and actually, even more than that, we are the universe experiencing itself. You are the universe experiencing itself. You can give yourself every single label on the planet if you want to, but what you are is an expression. You're an expression of the universe and if you don't like the word universe, you can change it to maybe God if you want, you're an expression of God.

We're made up of the same atoms and the same materials as the universe and because we're a part of it we are an expression of it. So although labels can be helpful and they can be fantastic at helping us to know who we are, they can also be how society tells us what we should be, and that doesn't always match up. When we recognise that actually we're a spark of the universe (God) expressing itself, those labels can become a little bit less important and the expression of just simply being you and simply expressing that spark of the universe can become slightly more important.

Now, I'm not saying, let go of all of your labels, labels can be helpful and important. They can help us to navigate the world and the society that we're in, but they can also hinder. As a society, we try to decide who someone is, based on what we see. So, for example, a lot of people can't work out what sexuality or sometimes what gender I am. Because I have short saved hair. I am not particular outwardly feminine and can be masculine in the way that I present myself. Some people will, therefore, decide that maybe I'm gay or maybe I'm non-binary or maybe I'm transsexual. They can't quite decide who I am.

So today I just want you to have a little think about all of those labels that you cover yourselves with and that others give us as well. Just have to think about what labels might be outdated, what labels maybe you could let go of, what labels you were given by others that don't align to you. What could you choose to embrace and give yourself a little bit more space in your own body, to be yourself? What do you get to choose to be today?

As always, this is the kind of stuff that we talk about in The Conscious Collective. The Conscious Collective is a membership space with three options. You have a free option and two different paid options, so there is something there for everyone and at the moment, what we're talking about is nourishing yourself. Thinking about the labels that society has given us and the ones we have chosen to take on for ourselves, is part of that nourishment concept, it's part of thinking a little bit deeper into the truth of who we get to be, who we choose to be.

Because here's the thing, although society will try to decide who you are based on what they see. you get to decide who you want to be.

Massive love,

Nici- Dare To Be

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