Lessons from ivy and vine

In my week ahead readings I'm using the celtic tree oracle and yesterday vine came up in relation to what I need for my body to feel grounded.

So when this gorgeous ivy caught my eye today it made me smile, as vine and ivy are said to be enemies in the otherworld!

Where vine brings us connection to our senses through experiencing the external world, ivy brings us connection to ourselves through our inner world.

Vines message to me this week was to go out and seek connection and so as I was kicking the leaves and listening to them crunch, feeling the cool air on my face and smiling at the sound of children playing- Ivy made an appearance to remind me of the balance of the inner and external.

Ivy is a sadly misunderstood plant with many seeing it as a parasitic when actually it simply uses trees and other items for support and has its own root system for nourishment.

Ivy flourishes where many a plant cannot. She circles inwards and outwards, spiralling ever upwards towards the light and provides shelter and nourishment to many an animal throughout the winter.

As she seeks support from those around her to grow, she in turn can provide support to others in need.

As ivy seeks that support from others, she interweaves and connects more deeply, providing protection and strength and support in return.

For me Ivy reminds us of the need for interdependence, especially at this time of year. She shows us how to keep going even in seemingly impossible circumstances, by digging down into our own inner strength but also reaching out to the strength of others to hold us as we do so.

And so as I ponder vine and ivy's messages today I am reminded as usual that we humans are an important part of that interdependent nature of the world, not separate from it. We need each other to survive and thrive.

If you need support with anything right now, I'm here to hold you, just as the oak to the ivy while you dig into your own roots and find your way-

Just book a call to chat.

Massive love,


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