Is it a good time for distance learning?

Updated: May 7

Today I want to talk about distance learning. As most of you know I run my own distance learning courses but did you know I am also studying for a philosophical psychology degree via OU too? At the moment obviously, everybody is needing to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to distance learning, with our kids trying to do school learning on laptops, schools chucking together packs of work and many businesses needing to try to pivot to be able to work from home and keep businesses running online as much as possible!

You would think right now is the perfect time for distance learning right?

As I mentioned above, I've been doing a degree with Open University and when COVID-19 and the lockdown hit I had my third assignment out of four due for this module. No matter what I did, I could not focus! I could not get my head in the game, to be able to do the work that I needed to do. Despite 2 extensions I still had gotten no further and instead had provided myself with a hefty dose of anxiety.

I couldn't pick up my textbooks, I couldn't pick up my laptop and look at the work that I needed to do because I simply wasn't in the right headspace. With my assignment now overdue and talk of them basing this year's module off of the previous assignment grades, I decided to defer my degree until October. I banked my excellent scores from my previous assignments, so when I start again in October I've already done half of my module and will be able to really focus on the last part.

Just because it's there doesn't mean you need to have it.

Distance learning is fantastic but it's really important to recognise where you are at in your own needs and commitments, especially right now. Just because you can do distance learning and just because distance learning and online learning has become this really big thing recently, doesn't mean that it's right for you, right now.

As most of you know I have three different courses that I run online and they range from a 1-hour Kickstarter course to a deep dive 6-week course! Below I've given the basic takeaways, whether the courses might be good for you right now, but also who they might not be good for! You can find full deets of all my courses HERE

Mindful eating kickstart

Literally one hour of short 5-minute videos sharing the principles of mindful eating, tips and hints and a hypnotic reset which helps you to connect back in with your body and your mind

Perfect for - People whose focus is not there at the moment but know that they're struggling with emotional eating or feeling a disconnect from food or their body at the moment with the lockdown.

Might be right for you- If you have negative self-talk going on right now about food, your body, weight gain, lack of motivation, boredom eating, emotional eating. Feeling stuck in a mindset of boredom = eating.

Might not be right for you- If you have deep long-standing disordered eating or food/ health anxiety that may cause you to become hyper-focused in a negative way.

Take away Tip

You've got to look at where you're at. Where your mental health is at. Where your emotional health is at and also how much you've got going on during your day that you need to be dealing with, compared to what you were dealing with before the lockdown happened.

Inspired Writing

This course is the equivalent of a days workshop. A day workshop for me is usually 10 till 4 and the online version takes you through what we would normally do in an in-person workshop. The course teaches you is to learn to stop looking at everybody else for the answers and start looking within. You hold inner knowledge about everything that you need to know.

Perfect for- Business owners who may be struggling with content creation, ideas and creative ways to show up in their business as this time.

Anyone feeling uninspired at the moment and maybe a little lost in the chaos because you're not able to be doing all of those normal things at the moment.

Might be right for you if you would like to reconnect with your inner child, higher/best self or your future self so that you can provide yourself access to that amazing subconscious mind! Particularly good for businesses to source content, ideas, creative ideas and thoughts of how you could move your business forward.

Might not be right for you- if you would struggle to find space and time to sit quietly at this time as the course includes 3 meditation and practical writing sessions.

Takeaway Tip

Looking at where you were before the lockdown is fine, but it's not where you are right now.

Be honest with yourself about what you need to manage on a daily basis and whether you truly have any time to dive into some distance learning for yourself.

Not another diet

A six-week course in mindful nutrition and mindful eating. This is a deep dive into all of your connections with your emotional self, your connection to your body and your connection to the food you use to fuel your body. It's much more than just food, it's really about healing those connections between your body, mind and food.

Perfect for- People who recognise they have a disordered relationship with their body and food and want to stop ignoring or pushing that away and work towards loving themselves and the food they use to fuel their amazing body!

Might be right for you- if you now have some spare time, you are self-motivated and are happy to ask when and if you feel you need support.

Might not be right for you- if you have significantly disordered eating or complex body image issues that have been made worse in isolation. (I can provide the course with additional support on a 1:1 basis if you have these concerns) Or if you have commitments that would make it difficult to find time for 1-2 hours of self-study plus practice.

Takeaway Tip

You've got to balance any self-study with the commitments you already have and consider your mental and emotional health. If you are somebody who struggles with anxiety or low mood, putting more pressure on yourself to then start a course could just compound issues

But we need to adapt!

It may feel like everybody is doing distance learning right now, so you should do it too. Or you might be a business feeling pressured to pivot to providing stuff online to keep your business afloat. Let me start with, I get it.

However, it genuinely often takes a few years of false starts, finding the right hosting for your teachings, mistakes, tech errors and hiccups along the way. So to expect yourself to just jump online and crack on is a false expectation because adaption takes time. As a business owner, there is a lot of new learning you have to do yourself, to get to a point of providing distance learning, courses and providing online services.

  • If online wasn't gonna be the future for you already, I would work out the basics of what you need to learn to keep on top of this temporarily and then engage your community in other ways. A wonderful company I can recommend for helping in practical tips and how to's is Yellow Tuxedo, run by Emily and Alan Braithwaite. Their YouTube is brilliant to find it click HERE

  • If your intention was to go online or you were in the process, I highly recommend joining The 80/20 Facebook group (free) and the paid-for community 'The Chain Reaction' run by business mentor Lauryn Bradley. You can join for 30 days free currently!

For me, the aim of distance learning should always be to provide you with knowledge or skills you didn't have, to increase your confidence in skills you do have, increase your self-worth with feelings of achievement and so much more.

If learning right now is going to do the flip of that simply put- Don't do it!

It's personal. It's about you, where you're at, what you need and surrendering to the

trust and the knowledge that I have that

Recognise where you're at, recognise where you need to be, recognise where you want to go and if taking on a course is a right for you, crack on! Just make sure you are doing what's right for the most important person in your universe, YOU!

Until next time massive love,


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