Inner, outer, other- worlds within

So this week, I want to talk to you about world's within, which is a small part of the weekly template in the Seekers Wheel annual planner!

Regardless of whether you have the seekers wheel or not, this is a practice that you can work into your week, so that you can really become aware of all of the intricate parts of what makes you who you are.

So without further ado, I want to talk to you about inner world, outer world, other world

These are a trio of awareness, that really helps to connect you to yourself, to things outside of yourself, and to the other world.

In the seekers wheel planner, there's a weekly template for you to touch base with yourself about things that are going on for you. Your intentions, your awareness of what's going on around you.

It's split into three different spaces for you to just jot down notes, words, things that spring to mind throughout the week. It's not big enough to have a journaling space, it's more of a 'I'm noticing this thing right now' 'I'm going to jot down a word that relates to that or a word that's going to remind me of what that thing was'.

Inner world

The first box within the template is the inner world. Our inner world is our feelings, our thoughts, our emotions, our body, our body, mind and soul, and how we exist within ourselves.

So yesterday for example, was a really tough day for me for for no apparent reason. It just felt really frazzled and difficult to navigate and challenging, even though it was all things that I'm used to dealing with on a semi regular basis.

The first thing I had to do was go into my inner world. So what are my feelings? What are my thoughts? What my emotions right now? What's going on with my body right now? How am I existing within myself.

What I noticed was that I'm feeling tired. I'm feeling brain tired, not necessarily body tired. And I'm feeling currently quite heavy. Heavy in the way in which I'm moving through the world, heavy not in a grounded way, as if something's weighing on me.

Assessing these things, by looking at my inner world first, I can kind of immediately thought Okay, so what's causing that? What's been happening?

I haven't been sleeping very well again, since the weekend. I have had my daughter's birthday. So that's exciting and also reflective, 15 years of this human being that's come through you is emotional and reflective!

I've also started a PT training thing with my sister who was training to be a PT, so I volunteered to help her, where she created a plan for me, so that's all quite different too.

So actually, I'm doing different things with my body, I'm experiencing different things with my emotions, I'm in a reflective space around my daughter's birth and the last 15 years and on top of all of that, sleep is not great.

I've assessed my inner world, and I've recognised some points at which that might explain why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling.

Now let's go to the next layer out to the outer world.

So the outer world is the physical and the natural world around us and our connection to others. It's how we are part of the world and how we're connected to all things.

I don't know about you, but I've been feeling pretty connected to the world around me in the last week, with storms and things the last couple of weeks, an awareness of damage and supporting each other with those things.

I'm also feeling this empathic connection, this kind of compassionate connection to what's going on in Ukraine and Russia, and neighbouring border countries like Poland. And that has had an impact, if only from the perspective of wondering what can I do to help, such as donating and having a look through my things and checking whether there's anything that I can physically donate as well to help any refugees.

In assessing my outer world I've had to come to a space and an understanding in myself that it's okay to not have an opinion on what's actually going on over in Ukraine. I'm not there, I don't know what's actually going on, I don't know all of the socio political stuff, and history and all of that kind of thing. So actually, it's okay for me to not have an opinion on that stuff.

What I can have an opinion and an action around is people hurting, losing homes and that I can take action to help in some way, regardless of how I feel about what's going on, or who's right or who's wrong.

Our outer world is the physical and the natural world around us and our connection to it. In the natural world, things are feeling quite frankly buzzy! We've had all of these big storms that have really whipped up the energy, we've got flowers starting to burst through, while it's also really cold. We've had a lot of rain this week, which has felt quite difficult to deal with and I am connected to all of those things.

Have I taken the time to sit outside under my shelter in the garden, and listen to the music that the rain makes? It's one of my favourite things and no, I haven't done that this week. So I haven't connected in with, that natural part of the rain, and what it does and how it provides.

And that's okay, I'm not Buddhist or a monk that is able to have no commitments other than to my faith or to my belief system. I have a lot of commitments. So it's okay to get a bit lost in all of that. Maybe that's the reason that I'm feeling frazzled, right?!

And then we move out to the other world.

This week, I haven't felt very connected to my guides or to my loved ones or my ancestors.

When I talk about the other world, I'm talking about your spiritual connection to your guides, your loved ones, ancestors, the planet, the universe, you know, everything that's outside of conscious and physical awareness.