Imbolc you glorious sod!

Ah Imbolc you glorious sod! Fabulous to see you!

Do you feel like there has been an endless winter for the past 2 years? Me too my friends! Imbolc is not generally a huge earth day celebration for me but my word have I felt it this year!

Maybe its a combination of the new moon (tomorrow) plus the earth shifting her weight to shake things up a little again but yep, I'm definitely feeling Imbolc this year.

On Saturday I was due to hold my second in person event since ummm, 2019? And it was going to be beautiful- Yummy comforting foods of leek and parsnip soup with breads and crackers and cheeses, surrounded by amazing friends as we allowed Imbolc to awaken us to possibility and hope.

But it was not to be, thanks to covid. We are all well, but my ex husband tested positive on the Saturday morning and so we needed to limit close contact with two of my children who are here at home as they were at dad's that weekend.

As pissed as I am about it, it's another example of how we are just not quite out of the winter yet eh!

Anyway, while all this was going on I realised I didn't share my 2022 intentions with you! Im super sorry and I really hope you can forgive me?

For me, I don't believe setting defined intent for an entire year is helpful, but I do think setting intent for feelings is a must and so I chose 4 words to represent all the feels I wanna invite into my life in 2022. What I didnt realise at the time was that these were going to be the cornerstone foundations of my 4 earth day celebrations this year! I can guarantee my guides have experienced so many facepalms in my life that they look continuously woe is me. Sorry not sorry.

So, my 4 words?

Creativity, connection, community, calm.

They are actually a virtual screensaver on my phone with pictures that represent these words and bring life to the feelings I put out.

To feel creative. A part of that is making space for creativity to happen and making time for the hobbies and activities that allow me to be creative! I bought a wonderful keyboard at Christmas for myself, after buying one for our youngest and realising how much I had missed creating music. I started a podcast called The Seekers Wheel, to accompany the annual planner and to give me a space to ramble and unfold and get creative with the ways in which I put myself out into the world. And I love to write! So expect more regular blogs, articles and musings- especially if you are in the Sweary Spiritual Subscription.

To feel connected. With the clusterfuck of the last few years, I've never felt more connected yet more alone in my life. We've adapted and innovated like never before but it just doesn't make up for the real and raw connection of sitting in front of a friend, hugging, sitting under a tree sheltering from a rain storm while laughing with strangers. I need and want in person connection with my friends, family, with nature and sharing food round a big table with loved ones. I've opted for a lot of voice notes and the voxer app has been a godsend but I wanna see your emotions on your face and remember that you have legs.

To be in community. A big thing for me this year is getting back out into the world, business wise. Not stuck behind my laptop but meeting for coffees, attending networking and workshops and spaces where others like me are hanging out. It's also about growing the real world spirituality community too! We are in our second year now and we love it so much. And although we created it to be online and stay online we can't wait to have occasional in person meets a few times a year for those who can.

And finally to be calm. I've felt so tightly wound over the past 2 years and at times totally stuck in those yucky fight/flight/flees. Hilariously over things I never imagined could be something to feel anxious about. One way traffic in a supermarket anyone? Making time for my magic practice and reading daily has been amazing for me, so I endeavour to keep this going into 2022 as well! I cannot believe how any books I read in 2021 and can't wait to see if I top that number this year! I also want to focus on keeping my bedroom a happy, joyful place I want to spend time in, rather than the floordrobe sleep space it often becomes so wish me luck with that!

And that's me! I'd love to hear about your own intentions for 2022 and what makes you feel connected to them. Happy Imbolc my friends. May the spark of potential be nurtured deep within you and allow you to grow more fully into yourself as we awaken to the world stirring once more.

Massive love,


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