How will the energy of 2020 shape up for you?

Updated: May 7

For me, numbers and numerology are huge in everything I do. So the energy of 2020 and its numerology is important.

Its not an area of my work I speak of much, but I’ve been guided to do so today. Numbers and music are the languages of the universe after all!

Here's my take on 2020, but also, my take on the areas you will personally be working on this year, based on your age.

I don't work with standard numerology, I work with my own design.

You see, the overarching energy of the year will of course centre around the numerology of that year, 2020 being a 4, but within that, your age will also give you personal energies that you are working with.

We could also delve into your personal life path number, but we will leave that for another day.

So! 2020! 2020 simplifies down to 4. (2+0+2+0)

4 is the energy of the heart space. The 4th chakra on the basic chakra system.

When we look at the 2019 we can see that it held a 3 energy, the space of the solar plexus.

We are moving up my friends!

Last year will have brought with it many opportunities and experiences to strengthen your confidence, self worth and inner trust.

2020? Is all about the connections.

This year is all about relationships, friendships, collaborations, grace, charity, giving and loving. It’s about joy and compassion. About living your deepest most authentic truth and trusting you have created a circle around you that will support, push and encourage that.

It’s also about healing. Healing those connections, healing that self trust and walking forward with grace, letting go of everything that holds you back with grace and understanding.

This year is all about getting to the heart of what matters to you and LIVING that.

Awesome right? 2020 is gonna be exciting.

It wont be without challenges of course!

There will be plenty of opportunities to clear old stuff that may interfere with your ability to step into the flow of the heart space and this is where your age comes in.

Whatever your age right now, simplify it down into a single number. (No special 11, 22, 33 here) For example my age is 37. So 3+7= 10. 1+0= 1

Once you have your single digit see below for your personal energy that will challenge you this year regarding the energy of 2020.

1 Root space energy

The space of stability, security, grounding and fears.

As a 1, you will be challenged to face fears relating to letting people into your life. You will be given opportunities to heal this distrust and disconnect from others, to enable you to fully embrace the connections you have available to you in 2020.

2 Sacral space energy

The space of creativity, sexuality, pleasure.

As a 2, you will be challenged to face that which prevents you from stepping into your powerful creative self. You will be given opportunities to heal intimacy fears and enable you to fully embrace relationships in new ways in 2020.

3 Solar Plexus space energy

The space of personal power, confidence and worth.

As a 3, you will be challenged to face any lingering issues surrounding your self trust and self love. You worked on this as a main energy last year, so this year will be about putting that healing into practice!

4 Heart space energy

The space of love, connection, joy, compassion

As a 4, you get a double whammy of heart energy! Perfect for clearing away anything and anyone that needs forgiveness and stepping into a solid grounding of gratitude and joy. These opportunities may feel hard to walk through, but with self compassion as your best friend, you will rock 2020!

5 Throat space energy

The space of emotion, communication and expression

As a 5, you will be challenged to face any concerns over being heard and seen. You will be given opportunities to heal this idea that what you have to share is not important and if you are able to do this, you will step into a connective space of sharing yourself with others and allowing your vulnerability to shine into others lives, gaining deep and true connections to others.

6 Third eye space energy

The space of intuition, manifestation and perception

As a 6, you will be challenged to face your own perceptions and to trust in your intuition. You will be given opportunities to heal this via experiences that call on you to take a step back and see things from all sides, and to step into full trust of what your sixth sense is telling you. We all have these senses, it’s time to step into trusting yours!

7 Crown space energy

The space of unity, wisdom, the soul

As a 7, you will be challenged to face your own thoughts on separation. We are all one and you will experience opportunities to solidify this idea into your being. In doing so, you will ultimately find yourself able to understand and trust more deeply in your connection to the universe and to all as a whole.

8 Soul star space energy

The space outside of self, into being

As an 8, you will be challenged to face your divine self. The timeless nature of the universe and your deeper soul connections to ‘others’. You may experience opportunities to connect into past lives and to gain deeper understanding of mindful understanding of your reason for being here. A really special year if you are an 8 as this connects into your heart purpose of why you chose to experience life in this time able to step out of the mind chatter and into a space of complete knowing.

9 Seat of soul space energy

The space of total unison with the universe/God

As a 9, you will be challenged to step into your knowledge of reality and trust that you are the universe. You will be provided opportunities to connect with your soul tribe here on earth, and to walk your souls journey with knowledge and wisdom that comes from complete and total connection to that outside of your physical self. Healing may come up relating to why others are in your life, to enable you to see the truth of all connection.

Its gonna be an amazing year of connection my friends! Use your age energy to lead you into 2020 with knowledge and wisdom to adjust those sails for your best journey!

If you are ready to see what else the energy of 2020 has in store for you, you can book in an intuitive coaching session with me HERE


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