How to nourish your soul

Hello, my gorgeous friends. So this week in the conscious collective we are talking about how we nourish our soul. Okay. Self-care is a really big part of how we nourish ourselves, how we feel better about ourselves and take care of ourselves and there is a really big difference between self-care and self-indulgence because self-indulgence often, it's a quick fix. It's a thing that, makes us feel better in an instant. But self-care is different. With self-care we make a commitment to ourselves to care for ourselves as well as we would anybody else. It's consistent practice. Now, there is nothing wrong with self-indulgence either. Sometimes we need that quick fix so that we can keep going through the day but when we develop a system and a practice of self-care or self-nourishment, what happens is we need less of those self-indulgent quick fixes. Nourishing self is not a two-week escape to a retreat. It's not an escape from the life that you've got. Nourishment is about recognising what you've got right now and making the best of that.

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Today I want to go through five different elements that really help to nourish your soul.


Silence can be a really scary thing. I know that for many years I did not like silence at all. I grew up in a very loud house with two other siblings and we were constantly either at work or at school or with friends or camping, you know, we were constantly busy and constantly. I'm surrounded by noise and then when I became an adult, I was a mum, very young and went on to have four children of my own and two stepchildren as well. So again, silence is not something I've ever been used to, but actually. Overtime. I learned to sit with myself and over time I learned to embrace.

I really love the moments of silence that I get for myself. So when I'm talking about silence, that can be literally just sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee or cup of tea, first thing in the morning and spending that time with yourself. Yeah. Just being with you. It can also be just sitting and taking some breathing space, taking that time to just pause and breathe.

Silence can also be practice's such as yoga, for example, or prayer or meditation. These are all ways that we can embrace the silence and just take time for ourselves to nourish ourselves with. To nourish this inner space instead of what's going on outside of us constantly.

Brain Activities

One of the ways that we can really help to nourish ourselves with self-nourishment nourishing our soul are things like doing a puzzle or a crossword, learning a new skill, reading a book, reading that big old collection of books that you have always meant to read and never got round to.

And often we, we get a block when it comes to reading a book because, you know, we can't finish the entire book in one day. So when it comes to brain activities, think of it like a practice. So read that book, but read a page a day. Or watch Ted talks! They really help me to expand on my thought processes.

Learning a new language is a fantastic brain skill or brain activity but I also appreciate that we don't all have time for those kinds of things. What you could do is things like Duolingo, for example. It's a fantastic app where you can just do five minutes a day and you could do that with your earphones in on the commute, back from work or on the commute to work. Audiobooks are another way that you can get your brain involved!

Get outdoors.

This world is so much bigger than us. It's so much bigger than our tiny little houses or our very close circle of friends and family and so often we forget how important being outdoors is. So if you are somebody who works in a busy office, for example, take your lunch break. Take your breaks that are provided to you. Often we don't take those breaks because we have so much work to do but actually when we take those times, even if it's just half an hour of your hour lunch break, where you decide, I'm moving away from my desk, I'm going to go outside, I'm just going to find somewhere to just sit and just be outside for half an hour. What happens is we replenish ourselves. We nourish ourselves and it actually helps us to do our work in the long run. So often we've got a break ourselves out of this cycle of, well, if I make time for me, I'm going to lose out on time for doing all of these other things.

Because when we take the time, actually those other things become easier to do. The more we practice, the better things get.

Helping others

Now, this sounds like a weird one, but we know that when we go out of our way to help somebody else, and that person is then supported and helped- It releases beautiful hormones in ourselves.

It nourishes ourselves. We are connected beings and naturally as human beings, we connect with other people. When we do that feels good. It releases good hormones. Fantastic feel-good hormones in the body, which helps us to feel nourished, feel accomplished and feel good about outselves and about others.

Self-nourishment is selfish and selfishness is something that we often feel is a bad thing, but actually having good boundaries, some people see as selfish and that's actually a really healthy thing, helping somebody else helps them and helps you. So whether you're doing it to make yourself feel better or whether you're doing it for somebody else to feel better, you both benefit regardless.


One of the best ways to nourish yourself is to find something that brings you joy. Whether that's a film or being with friends or cat memes, or, you know, actually going some laughter therapy classes, all of these things help to release energy within us, help us to feel good.

Laughter releases feel-good hormones that help us to feel healthier and happier and connect us with other people and other things outside of us.

Nourishing your soul for me is very much about personal care. It's about self-help and it's about asking that question. 'How do I feel better about myself?' 'How can I make myself feel better about me?'

So often. The way that we do that is in connection, either connection with others or connection back in with ourselves within that silence, connection to God or to other beings, if you don't believe in God, connection to the universe, expanding our awareness of other things. it's in hobbies, in making time for ourselves so that we can enjoy life more easily with less suffering. So yes, you can go on a two-week retreat and replenish yourself, but you're kind of coming back to the same thing.

Build a practice on a daily basis, whether that's every day you read one page of a book or every day you take two minutes to do some breathing, or every day you spend five minutes on a Ted talk or an audiobook, or every day you take 10 minutes outside. There has to be something that you are consistently, constantly practising every day.

Because life is hard. Life is difficult and we can't run away from that. Instead, we have to build practices in our life so that we can live life more intentionally and suffer less.

As always, don't forget that the conscious collective is a membership that you can join. There are three different options for you to join. Exploring is free. Embrace is a paid membership and empower is a paid membership too. You can click HERE for the information on my website.

What will you do to start nourishing your soul on a daily basis? What practices can you create? I'd love to hear more in the comments!

Massive Love,

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