How to enjoy exercise.

Hello, my darlings. It is the start of another week and we are back with another way to nourish yourself.

Today I want to talk about how to love exercise, how to enjoy moving your body. So. When we're all children, we naturally move our body all the time when we're playing. You're not even thinking about exercising, you are exercising, but it's not what it's called, It's just called play. Swinging from the monkey bars, on the swing, on the roundabout, running around the park and football with your friends. All of these kinds of things, they're all part of a normal kind of childhood experience and when we become an adult, we kind of forget that it's okay to still play.

It's okay to still move our body in ways that feel good.

Suddenly moving becomes a thing that we have to do to exercise and that kind of tends to take all of the joy out of it. So today I want to go through a few things that you might not have thought about when it comes to moving your body and ways that we can move our body.

Running and walking.

Going for a walk is a really enjoyable experience. I am not a runner. I do not like running. The only time you will see me running is if there is a zombie behind me or if there's chocolate in front of me! However, I like going out on walks, just going outside for a walk in a beautiful place that I enjoy going to and quite often I will drive to somewhere and then go for a walk. Or you could be going to out to walk your dog as well If you've got dogs. There are some fantastic apps that get you outside as well. If you haven't heard of Pokemon go download it! It is addictive and it is so much fun. It gets you out of the house because you're desperate to find those Pokemon! There are also games like zombies run as well, which puts you right in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and you have to be a part of the game and run away from zombies and all that kind of stuff! If you are somebody who works in an office and you have to attend a lot of meetings, consider suggesting that you guys go on a walk on one of your meetings instead, because actually walking, releases some really important hormones and it allows you to think more clearly, and it allows you to come up with creative ideas that you've maybe didn't have before. If nobody has suggested that in the office before maybe consider being the person who suggests that


For those of you who were in my old group on Facebook at the start of the pandemic, I ran a dance party every single Monday night. The aim of that was literally actually just to connect with other people, listening to a playlist of tunes that I had picked, everybody having fun together. And it was absolutely fantastic! We even had theme nights and we had dress-ups and all kinds of things. So although we're still not able to get together in the same ways that we could previously do consider maybe organizing your own zoom dance party or something like that with friends,


Think about sports that you used to enjoy as a child. My son loves playing Frisbee. He's, he's absolutely horrendous (he's 7 so that's totally normal!) but he absolutely loves it. It means that I end up all over the place having to try to catch it and try to find that damn Frisbee. Think of those things you always wanted to do when you were a child, but maybe your parents couldn't afford it. Tennis lessons or badminton lessons, rock climbing, indoor rock climbing lessons, team sports that you always wanted to do, but didn't get around to doing for some reason when you were younger, it's never too late to join in with one of those teams sports as well. Water fights and paintballing and laser tag and bowling, you know, team activities that are designed around you having fun and spending time socialising with your loved ones and friends, and maybe making new friends as well!

Gym dance classes

These are absolutely amazing for not only helping you to move your body, but it's also really good for your brain as well. Learning new moves, new choreography, trying to get the steps. Go and try a dance class, I highly recommend it and as soon as you get yourself over that initial, Oh my God. Everybody's looking at me it's all great! Nobody's looking that you trust me, they're just trying not to fall over their own feet. They're just as terrified as you that they're going to make a fool of themselves. So just focus on you and go and enjoy yourself at a dance class. There are so many different dance classes. It's not just about a dance class that is really fast-paced, there's tap dancing, there's ballet, there's salsa. There's so many different types of dance classes that you could attend and there are also dance classes, for people who inhabit bigger bodies as well, specifically, so that you feel less self-conscious and so that you're able to join in with the rest of the people there and not feel like you don't belong- because dancing is for everyone!

You do not need to be a certain body size or shape to be able to go out there and have a go.

Hula hooping.

So I have a Hula hoop that a friend of mine who is a hula hoop teacher lent me over the lockdown and I have had so much fun trying to learn hooping. I quite often watch some of her videos as well. There are loads of people who do hooping and lots of people do classes as well, most of which are currently online. It's genuinely one of the funniest, most frustrating things I think I have tried to learn to do.

Geocaching / Orienteering

Geocaching has a huge following and there is often plenty of items to find fairly nearby to where you live! There is also orienteering groups you can join too! it's a real community kind of environment and because the focus is on finding the item or place etc, you often don't realise how many hours you've been out having fun!

Cleaning House

Cleaning is also movement. If you are the kind of person who enjoys cleaning of course! I enjoy cleaning when I'm angry! I really get into it and I do a deep clean of my kitchen and a deep clean of my bathroom with my headphones on and good music playing. I am frankly, knackered after. it's as good a workout as any.

Just for FUN

if you're someone who feels like you have to do something productive instead of just moving your body for fun, the above things can be really good. But If you want to do something that's just full of joy? Find a big Hill. Find a big Hill roll down it, or grab some cardboard and slide down the Hill and then get back up to the top as quick as you can! Maybe take a picnic with you and enjoy the time outside. Big Hill, rolling around and just forgetting about your troubles for a little while. Or find a trampoline park! I used to absolutely loved trampolining. I can't do it anymore due to my back, but what I can do is remember all the fun that I had with it. Again, it's that connection with learning the right moves, learning how to bounce safely. I know that the trampoline parks are starting to reopen, there's one locally to us that has a specific booking system. Instead of just taking your child/niece/nephew/grandchild to the trampoline park, maybe go and actually be involved and actually go trampoline with them!

Word of warning- if you are somebody who has a weak pelvic floor, I would suggest that you wear some protective gear just to, uh, make sure you don't have any accidents... (Been there!)

If your weak pelvic floor stops you from doing exercise and moving your body I would also suggest that you talk to someone who does Hypopressives. Someone I can recommend is Nikki at Uk Hypopressives.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the ways that you can move your body and they have nothing to do with being in a gym, standing on a treadmill, doing steps on one of those strange machines or lifting weights. You don't have to go into a gym or follow a workout every day.

Body movement is beautiful and fun and connecting. Consider asking yourself -How am I going to move my body today? What brings me joy and enjoyment and helps me to feel good about myself?

I'd love to know your favourite ways of moving your body! So do leave any comments below and I would love you to come and join us at The Conscious Collective where we are focused at the moment on nourishing ourselves.

Not just nourishing ourselves via food, but nourishing our body and nourishing our mind and nourishing our spirits as well. Because you deserve nothing less.

Massive love,

Nici- Dare To Be

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