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Monday just gone was World Gratitude Day, Tuesday was Autumn Equinox and this whole week is very centred around harvest festivals. Do you know what comes with the harvest? Gratitude!

How you bring gratitude into your lives? Do you do anything right now to have gratitude as a daily practice? I know for me, I remember seeing things like gratitude journals and all of those kinds of things and thinking that's just yet another thing that I have to add to my, to-do list, and I didn't feel much gratitude for it to be quite honest!

So something that I have done is to incorporate gratitude as a practice into my nighttime routine. Every evening when I get into bed, (I have a routine before I get into bed of course. Its a lavender shower, fresh Pjs and cup of tea waiting next to my bed!)

So, I get into bed and I start doing a self-heal. As a Reiki master, self-heal is part of my nightly practice and I then think about three things that I am grateful for.

For me, they're quite specific themes, so I'll think about something that's going really well in my day to day life and be thankful for it. I will think about one thing that's going well for that day to do with my work and I will also think about what I want for the next day. That's a little bit different to normal gratitude practice because when we're doing gratitude journals and things, we're thinking about three things that we can be grateful for that day. But for me, I like to separate it down into, you know, something that's gone well that day in my daily life and work-life separately and then also for tomorrow,

Doing it this way really helps to do two different things.

  • It brings gratitude into my life just before I go to sleep.

  • It sets me up to be looking for gratitude the next day.

It sets me up to be grateful for the day ahead and in turn my brain starts off the day looking for stuff to be thankful and joyful and grateful for. The gratitude card in my Treasures Within Affirmation Cards, really spoke to me this week with one of its affirmations. It said I 'I am grateful for all that. I am'

Gratitude is the attitude!

Because so often when we think about graduate, we think about the things that we've received from others or things that have gone well or things that we are thankful for having, but we often forget to include ourselves, to nourish ourselves within that gratitude and for me, this is the most important part of gratitude. The more grateful you are for all that you are, the more, you will nourish yourself, the more you will provide yourself with that care and attention and the more you can give out into the world and receive.

It's been quite a relevant affirmation for me this week because I had all of my children come down with grotty colds and that can make it really hard when you are a working parent. I'm a working parent who works from home all the time anyway. but I'm also self-employed so how well my work goes is entirely reliant on me, myself and I. It means that my work can work around my family and I'm really privileged to be able to do that, I know not everybody can. I have an awful lot of gratitude for being able to do what I do, the way that I do it.

But that gratitude also leads to action because that's one of the reasons that I created The Conscious Collective in the way that I did. It needed to work for me and it needed to work for my family and it needed to work for all that I am because if I'm giving all that I am to everything else, I am not able to give anything really well, anywhere. Does that make sense?

It's like giving little pieces of yourself to everywhere and therefore never giving your full attention to anything. So yes gratitude is proven to be fantastic for your health and mental health and wellbeing and your self-esteem and all of these kinds of things. but it can also become something so much deeper


What you don't want to do is overcomplicate an already complicated life by adding yet more to-do items on your life list. so I'm not going to suggest that you start a gratitude journal. What I'm going to suggest is that you consider just working it into your thoughts before you go to sleep. That's something you don't need a pen and paper for, you don't need anything other than yourself and you can just lay down, get comfy in your bed. and think to yourself, what am I grateful for today? What went really well today? What did I enjoy? What wonderful things happened? What wonderful people do I have in my life? Did I eat an amazing meal that was full of flavour? How grateful am I that I get to provide that for myself and that the earth provides that for me?

You can go as deep into it or simply into it as you like but so often people start with something really simple, such as you know, I'm grateful that I got to live today. In the world right now, Simple is sometimes the most powerful.

For me right now, I am grateful for the roof in my head. I'm grateful for the bills that I have because I have the ability to pay them and every time that bill comes in or that mortgage payment's due, I'm grateful for it because I wouldn't have those bills to pay if I didn't have this roof over my head.

And honestly, the best place to start is with you. Being grateful for all that you are. Getting back to you is actually one of the breakthroughs I help with in The Conscious Collective because I know we often focus on what we are not. what we wish you could be, wishing to be thinner or smarter or prettier or more organized, or any number of comparisons.

Our next concept to explore from October to Yule (21st Dec) is Roar, a space to help you re-discover your authentic voice and truth and I'd love you to join us on the launch workshop 24th Oct. You can have a nose at that HERE

Whatever you decide, please, just start with who you are, rather than what you think you are not. Start with being grateful for all that you are right now in this moment.

And maybe just add that in as a tiny little moment before you go to sleep every night. I'd love to know if you take this on, I'd love to know how you get on with it. I'd love to know your gratitude practices if you have them already that work really well for you! Leave a comment below and let me know!

I'll be back next week for another little tip on nourishing yourself but, for now, I'm going to sit and be grateful for my amazing cup of coffee, for the very loud household that I have with four children home at the moment and for frozen fruit that meant that, although we don't have any ice lollies, my kids are able to make some smoothies with frozen fruit in the freezer.

Until next time, Massive love,

Nici- Dare To Be

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