Full moon lunar eclipse fuckery

It's full moon time again my friends! And this time I'm giving you an earlier heads up, read on to find out why.

This moon is getting serious, with a super moon lunar eclipse in saggy-hairy-arse on Wednesday 26th May. (How is it nearly the end of May?!)

As a saggy myself, It's been a bit of a chaotic few weeks and it's not likely to ease up for those of us with a star sign (IE: yes this one is for EVERYONE)

As an aside there is some crazy Lillith energy around, we just entered Gemini season aaaaand we have the 2nd Mercury retrograde of the year starting 29th May.

💋 Sooo Firstly, Full moons are the perfect pause in time to look back at all you have grown in the past few weeks!

Look at the stuff you chose and took action on. As the moon grows towards fullness, so do your choices, achievements and manifestations.

Full moons are a celebration of achievement, so grab a pen and paper and right down all that amazing stuff you've created!

As the moon starts to 'lose' light going forwards, this is also the perfect time to check in with yourself on anything that has blocked you from achieving the fullness of what you intended.

💋 But that's not all folks! This moon is a super moon lunar eclipse.

Basically the moon is closer to earth, illuminating those truths more deeply hence the super moon.

And....onto the lunar eclipse.

This is where it gets a little tricky. Lunar eclipses are when the sun, earth and the moon align perfectly- so instead of the sun shining onto the moon, that light is cast onto the earth, reflected as a shadow onto the moon.

What does this mean for you?

It means that your earthly purpose is about to get shook up! I like to see a lunar eclipse as the planets grabbing you by the shoulders, giving you a shake and saying 'we're not fucking around anymore!'

Any fuckery you've been holding onto, is going to be let go of, as if the universe is holding you by the ankle and shaking any of the shit out of your pockets. It's not as scary as you might think though, as long as you realign your trust in yourself, to flow with what needs to occur.

Think about it. The Moon is all about your shadow side, emotions, inner world. With this super lunar eclipse moon bringing additional potency, it may feel like being slapped up side the head with everything that feels out of alignment with how you thought your life would be.

And heres the good bit, it's gonna gift you with the tools to radically push you back on the path you are supposed to be on.

💋 Now, a little on our friend Saggy-hairy-arse