Dragons, Lions, Transformers and Tea.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

It's safe to say COVID-19 and the restrictions surrounding it has been hard on many of us. Personally I have to say, I have enjoyed seeing people less. Even as an empowered empath I pick up on others feelings and energy easily. (Read my colleague Rachael's awesome blog on empaths here) So moving my work entirely online has been a blessing in many ways because it has enabled me to work with deeper clarity and grounded energy, without the added energy of other people being directly in my space.

With that said, a few weeks ago when restrictions had begun to ease I was invited to a special meditation evening for the Lionsgate portal by a good friend of mine, Caroline Mitchell. I'm one of the lucky few who knew Caroline before her international fame as the Original Dragon Lady, so getting to spend an evening in her company and expertise is never one to say no to and boy was I in for a treat! For those who don't know, Caroline has been working with dragons since 2005, back when very few people would even admit to thinking dragons were a thing, let alone channelling them! Caroline released the Dragon Path Oracle Cards and promptly got offered a publishing deal with Watkins Publishing and her rebranded cards launch This Autumn! You can nose at all things Caroline HERE. (I have an original deck and a gorgeous print of Actramis that has pride of place on the wall in my office!

An ancient stone takes up most  of the scene with Caroline peeking around the corner of the stone, leaning into it with a smile on her face.
Caroline at Avebury stones

Onwards to the evening.

I love a good group meditation and Rachael kindly offered to drive as I'm still without a car right now. It felt good to be out with a friend, chatting shit on the way to some woo woo evening with friends old and new, it took me back to the many trips we've made to similar evenings, but somehow there is a new and deeper appreciation for being able to do such things now. We arrived at Caroline's to be met by the ever-lovely Molly dog, hand sanitiser and air hugs from others there for the evening. Caroline lives in a beautiful place and has worked hard to create a beautiful space, both inside the house and in the gardens and honestly, the love that has been put into the land can be felt as soon as you step foot in the gate. It was a warm, sunny evening and we settled (social distanced) in the top garden amongst the shade of the trees, overlooking the fields that surround the house.

stunning garden over three different levels, with fields and trees in the background framed by a sunny blue sky
From the top garden

Those who had never met soon became friends, as happens when you meet for a common purpose, it's one of the things I love about these types of communities and although I am not one for diving deeply into astrological energy portal information or consciously living my life according to planetary alignments, I trust that if I am pulled to attend something it's for a good reason regardless of the title of the meet. Turns out I was, as usual, right! haha!

Caroline introduced herself and talked a little on the Lionsgate portal and her experiences that led her to feel the need to provide the evening we were attending and then led us in meditation to connect to whatever we needed to at that time.

For those who don't know, when I first trained as a psychic medium I would see messages provided as scenes from films I had watched or music I had heard and loved. Meditation for me is no different and so what followed that evening, was a beautiful mishmash of films to create a message for me and to share with you today.

There is nothing more fun than being joined in meditation by Draco the dragon (Sean Connery) from Dragonheart, Aslan the lion (Liam Neeson) from The Chronicles of Narnia, while sitting on Pandora (The planet from Avatar) watching the never setting blue suns while having a chat with Arctimus Prime (not Optimus, but instead his blue friend from the planet Arcturus) Still with me? haha good! The messages provided within the meditation are more important than those who provided them but I love to give people an insight into my world! I won't be sharing all messages received that evening but there are 3 that are important at this time.

Take back your heart

The gift given to me by Draco was the scene in which he shows that he gave some of his heart to help a young prince live, but the connection between them meant they felt each other's pain deeply. He showed me that the empaths incarnate on earth at this time did similar to assist Mother earth herself, giving her a part of themselves so that they could feel deeply and know her pain in order to help transmute it. However, this is no longer needed. It is no longer necessary to feel the pain of others in order to support and transmute and continuing this type of energy transmuting is no longer benefiting anyone I was shown I had received that part of myself back from the earth with thanks and love. Clarity washed over me and I felt a release from my solar plexus that felt like a complete emptying of all that was not mine to carry.

The world is vast my love

I became aware of Aslan close to me and vast hills of sand and sun ahead of me. I felt the heaviness of the lion's paw on my chest and a gentle but firm shove out into the wilderness of the desert. I heard a chuckle as I thought 'cheers mate' and then heard the message I needed to hear from our friend the Lion. As I searched the desert for shelter, water, somewhere safe to rest I was reminded that the world is vast and seemingly barren when you are alone searching for what you need, and yet in truth, this planet is so small in the scale of the universe and all are connected. Animal and plant, water and sun. We can choose to feel the vastness or the connectedness, this is a truth and a perspective we must all face. I was reminded of the Lion preserving energy for what is needed and necessary and simply chilling and enjoying the rest, we too have this option available.

Aslan the male lion looking regal in a desert with clouds behind him.

Disconnect to reconnect

I became aware of a tree in the distance that seemed to sit directly in the field that would have been physically in front of me if I opened my eyes and suddenly found myself watching the sun rising on Pandora, with home tree ahead and the tree of souls becoming clear in my mind. I was shown the scene from the film where the Home tree is destroyed and then the scene rewound and I was shown the people receiving back the pieces they gave of themselves (remember the braveheart piece of the meditation?) and how this completely changes the outcome. The home tree remains standing and the people are able to work in peace and harmony with those seeking their destruction. Far fetched I know, but it showed me something important. When we are completely ruled by the emotions we cannot see paths ahead that are showing themselves. When we feel only the pain of others, it is difficult to see anything but pain ahead.

In returning ourselves to a space of compassion for another's journey, instead of taking their pain as our own and clearing it away, we enable each others success. We enable grounded, clear and real change. We enable action instead of paralysis or fighting in fear. This is the gift we are being given. Empaths who no longer transmute another's pain, but instead hold the hand and space of the person while they transmute and heal it themselves.

There was much more to the meditation but I feel those are the most important parts to be sharing at this time.

In conclusion, for now...

We are all connected despite the vastness of the space between us and empaths across the world are waking up to a new way of supporting others and assisting with healing work around the world at this time,

This is no longer a time of sympathy and apology, but of action, justice and power.

Be empowered in your own amazing energy.

Be free within it.

Be at peace in what you can achieve in the grounded clarity of no longer holding the worlds pain.

Empaths, I know you were tired, but no more. The new path is ahead and you have plenty of brothers and sisters' hands to hold along the way, mine is just one of them!

Massive love,

Nici-Dare To Be