Distance Healing. Woo woo or Science?

Updated: May 7

In today's blog, I'm talking about distance healing. I provide distance healing both absently (ie sending to a person who has asked for it in general) or as part of my work for those not able to see me in person.

It works exactly the same whether in person or via distance and that blows a lot of peoples minds, so let's explore!

You are made of stardust

There is a saying- you are made of stardust and this is 100% accurate. Every element that makes up who you are as a physical being, was originally the matter of Stars.

You see, when stars die & lose their mass, all the elements are swept out into space to then gather in new and different ways, creating new stars. This process has been happening constantly for over 13 billion years, and you, my friend? Are a part of those stars! Every element on earth with made within those very stars and as you combine those elements in various ways, it creates different things. Gases, minerals, asteroids, planets, water... us! You are literally made of stardust formed over billions of years.

Why does this matter (sorrynotsorry physics joke!)

We currently live in a world where we see everything as separate. Seeing the world as a well-oiled machine of different parts that have no connection to each other. Everyone and everything separate from the next. The chair you are sat on, is totally separate from you, sitting on it right? Thing is. We are all made of the same stuff, formed together in different ways to create different things. Heavier or lighter elements binding together, vibrating at differing frequencies based on the chemical atomic makeup. You are made of the same stuff as the chair you are sitting on if you go back far enough.

What does this have to do with distance healing

It's about to get more sciency so bear with......

Studies have shown that taking subatomic particles that were once in contact with each other (the same stuff we are all made of) and then separating them over huge distances, has no effect on their behaviour. They saw that when they changed one particle, the other changed instantly. It didn't matter how big the separation and time played no factor either. Change one- the other changes instantly. The particles behave as if they are still connected or that they were not separate at all.

So. Subatomic particles know they are one, regardless of time, space or distance. And you? And me? We are made of that stuff. This is how distance healing works. Our atoms know!

Scientists and physicists, on the other hand, are pretty baffled by distance healing. They know it works but just can't prove how and my word has there been a tonne of studies. Scientists themselves have proven it works, but as yet cant confirm the science. (Good old round pegs and square holes!)

So, what do we know?

What we do know is that the intention of the healer plays a huge role. When we step into that meditative state to perform healing, it's been measured that it creates physiological changes in the healer. Brain patterns, immune systems and cardiovascular systems are all changed while the healer is in that space.

We know that healing is not affected by time or space, just like those subatomic particles. The same effects on the person receiving healing can be measured as identical, whether in the same room as the healer or 1000 miles away.

We know that it works. There are thousands of studies that show the same identical, profound positive effects of healing whether in person or distance. What really blows the scientists minds is that distance healing is not sent or received via any kind of transmission. There is zero signal involved in the process.

Now, in physics, the strength of a signal reduces, the further away from the source of the signal and there is a time lag, getting from the source of the signal to the intended target. Distance healing does not reduce via distance, nor does it use any perceived signal!

To prove this, studies were carried out and the healers shielded from being able to receive any form of signals or transmissions and Visa versa. The person receiving the healing received it regardless of the shield and to an identical level whether via an unshielded person or shielded. So. Distance healing defies the current laws of physics and yet its proven to work. Mind Blown!

Enter Metaphysics (my favourite kind!)

Naturally, anything outside of the laws of tangible physics takes us into the world of metaphysics or beyond physics. Basically the stuff we cant prove and can only hypothesise about. It takes us to a place of study called consciousness. We know consciousness exists, and it's measurable. And yet we don't know where it exists.

  • We know it doesn't exist in the physical brain.

  • We know it exists outside of physical matter and has many levels.

The meditative state we enter into when sending healing is a state outside of time and space.

It's a consciousness of oneness. An all-encompassing state that sees and knows all as one and interconnected by the very elements and consciousness we are all made of. The stardust of the universe of which we are all a part and therefore all connected to, just like those subatomic particles.

When we step out of the measurable and quantifiable, we enter into a space that we are all essentially one, time and space do not exist and it becomes a possible truth that my speck of stardust can directly and immediately affect your speck of stardust without any thought for how far or near you are. When we then choose how to focus that knowledge via intention, spontaneous healing is the result.

Prayer works in exactly the same way. When you step into the space of oneness and reflection and meditation (which prayer often is) prayer becomes healing in action. So all those 'thoughts and prayers' really do actually help my friends, as long as you actually intentionally send them.

Distance healing is not a miracle or woo woo hippy shit. It is proven by science even though they don't yet know how.

For me, I like to see Distance healing as literally a remembering of the wholeness within us all and that we are not so different to the next person after all.

Distance healing coupled with technology enables me to work with people all over the world who I wouldn't have had the opportunity to only a few years ago. Its meant I've been able to work with clients in Australia, Saudi Arabia, America, Canada and all over the UK and it is so beautiful to be able to assist on other peoples healing journeys no matter where they are. Because actually, we are all made of the same stuff and the stuff knows that, even if we have taken a while to remember.

If you want to see how we might be able to work together, head on over to the Work with Me page for a nose, or book a cuppa and chat consult today!

As always- massive love,


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