Blessed Beltane Friends!

Hello, it is so good to be back after a few weeks of a break and we are ready and raring to go with Beltane!

it is actually Beltane today, the 1st of May. For those of you that follow the seeker's wheel, you'll know that there are four sun observances and there are four earth celebrations and Beltane is an earth celebration. An earth celebration is definitely more tangible and it's like you can feel the energy of the sabbat, whereas sun observances are about observing the sun in itself.

Midwinter, mid-summer and the 2 equinoxes are about astrology- they are either longest days, shortest days or equal day and day-and-night and there is often less to feel into. But with the others, (Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain) there is a very clear feeling, a very clear energy.

I wanted to share one of my favourite sayings which is written on the 2-page spread for Beltane in the Seeker's Wheel.

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day,
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way

So Beltane is very much a time when the inner fires within you are starting to really pick up some flames now, it's starting to run hot and it's very much a time to celebrate! To celebrate joy and good food and togetherness and laughter. it's also a time to caretake any of the intentions that you planted at Imbolc and fan the flames of new intentions that feel possible now.

The last fire festival we had was Imbolc which was at the very beginning of spring and it has more of an energy of the hope of spring. That's a very different energy to Beltane! The energy behind your intentions is gonna feel very different than they were Imbolc as the Earth is starting to get warmer, you are having drier days and things feel more achievable when we are heading towards summer.

The point of the wheel is that we're constantly weaving in and out and round so It's not about having to stick to one thing. It's about constantly looking, reassessing, caretaking, fanning the flames of those new intentions, dropping old intentions that either have been fulfilled or don't feel right anymore. Nature doesn't stay the same all the way through the year it's constantly changing, constantly moving and if it didn't we wouldn't have nature! There is a process that nature must go through to enable change and growth and we must remember that we are part of that nature too.

Beltane energy

Beltane is all about relationships and fanning that flame, that spark of energy inside of you that has been quietly simmering away over winter.

First, let's think about Imbolc. What seeds of intention did you set and are they ready to be celebrated? Do any need clearing away? Are there any that need your focus?

Next, let's talk Passion! We often think about Passion as sexual relationships or related to intimacy but that's not the case. I have several really deep passions and interests and I'm sure you do too! Where is your Passion focused right now?

It's OK for that focus to change over time too- What do you find yourself getting on your soapbox about? What's annoying you into action or making you feel you need to do something about it? Passion is very action orientated!

Thirdly, what relationships need your focus? Do you need to focus on your relationship with yourself? Regardless of where your focus feels needed, make sure that you are checking in with yourself and that you're not leaving that relationship till last.

I hope this is helpful to you and don't forget it's also a new moon today too! Think about new plans that you have been considering, pay attention to what you're dreaming of and release anything you need to, to make life work

Have an amazing week my friends and I will see you next time!

Massive love,


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