2022- The year of foundations

Join me on a ramble through the energy of 2022 using more insights from the Seekers Wheel, along with your personal birth energy and inner season to give you insight into how the wheel will be turning for you, in the year ahead!

For me, numbers and numerology are huge in everything I do. Its not an area of my work I speak of much, but I was guided to do so in 2020 and again this year. The way I work with them has changed over the past few years and i no longer feel playing it safe with my old comfort system is right- so going forward I will be sharing my new formula which I hope you will enjoy and find as accurate as I do!

2020 on the old system was the year of the heart space.

My take on 2020 was a beauty and I believe firmly that we experienced exactly what I felt the numbers were telling me.

2020 was all about relationships, friendships, collaborations, grace, charity, giving and loving. About joy and compassion. These qualities most deeply show up and have opportunity to grow with adversity. At least that has how it has best worked for the past few thousand years anyway!

2020 was about realising your deepest most authentic truth and trusting you have created a circle around you that will support, push and encourage that. It was also about healing. Healing those connections, healing that self trust and walking forward, letting go of everything that holds you back with grace and understanding.

It was a year all about getting to the heart of what matters to you and LIVING that.

2021 on the old system was the year of the throat space

Where 2020 asked us to look for the helpers and to become them, 2021 asked us to look to self for our knowing and to reconnect to that which we knew to be true.

2021 was all about communication that strengthens the bonds that were built in 2020. Its been a year of immersing into the emotive, intuitive self, reconnecting to the gut feelings, the instinct, the intuition and the wisdom you hold within you and recognising the ways in which these knowings show up in your life.

Hello 2022!

As I mentioned above I've been working with a new system for a while now. The system continues to work with a numerical, energy centre foundation but works in a spiral instead of bottom to top and includes a deeper look at the overaching seasonal energy guiding your year ahead based on your birth date.

So within the new system, 2022 is a 6 on the spiral 2+0+2+2=6. This means we will be in the energy of the base as we journey through the year.

If you imagine your energy centres as threading from source to the earth, your centres weave around and in and out of each other rather than straight up or down.

For this system we start at the:

1️⃣ heart space and weave down to the 2️⃣ solar plexus. Then from the solar plexus to the 3️⃣ throat. From throat to 4️⃣ sacral. Sacral to 5️⃣ crown. Crown to 6️⃣ base. Base to 7️⃣ brow. Brow to 8️⃣ base and base to 9️⃣ heart.

So this year is a 6 and therefore a base year.

An 8 would also be a base year with a year 1 or 9 being a heart year. Base and heart repeat in the spiral because they are super important points at which your energy aligns with that of the earth and the universe, both of which we need in balance.

So, what does a base year mean for 2022?

The base energy is the foundation of everything. Without it we cannot hope to build anything to last the tests of time and the challenges we often face throughout the year.

The year of 2022 is going to be all about beginning to build those foundations back in, after the shaky couple of years we've had and by foundations I mean all the things. Our focus will be on what opportunities are sustainable long term. What financial options provide us with the long lasting stability we need. Its about stripping everything back down to the origins and checking for any rot that might have set in without us realising.

The past 2 years have been weird. We have all changed and adapted to the challenges we have faced. Are those changes permanent and helpful or have you become a little lost in your survival and now it's time to find you, in amongst it all again? Because all is as it needed to be for right then, but it doesn't mean it needs to stay, as we begin to build back into our lives moving forward.

Has your mental health taken a hit? What can be done to bring more balance back into your life.

Friendships and relationships strained? What are the foundations of them and do they continue to strengthen you both.

Be gentle with you as you do this work into 2022. A base year isn't about breaking everything you've worked for, it's about checking that everything you have worked for is actually working for you.

Your personal year of 2022

As explained above there have been changes to how I am working and your personal year has changed slightly too. You will have a personal energy centre but also an overarching inner season guiding you through the year.

There are 4 inner seasons; wisdom, knoweldge, foundations and gather with an additional moment in beginnings as you start the journey around again.

My take on areas you will personally have in focus this year, is based on your age. I dont work with standard numerology, I work with my own design.

You see, the energy of the year will of course centre around the numerology of that year, but within that, your age will also give you personal energies that you are working with.

➡️ This is where your age comes in. Whatever your age right now today, simplify it down into a single number. (No special 11, 22, 33 here)

For example my age is 39. So 3+9= 12. 1+2= 3. Once you have your single digit see below for your personal energy and your inner season.

Most people will have 2 energies they move through in 2022 as their birthday passes. For me, I am a 3 as I head into 2022 but a 4 as I head out of it.

1️⃣ Heart space energy

The space of love, connection, joy, compassion As a 1, there will be opportunities for forgiveness and stepping into a solid grounding of gratitude and joy. These opportunities may feel hard or easy to walk depending on the paths you choose.

Inner season- wisdom

The inner season of wisdom is all about recognising what actions need to be taken and more importantly which do not. We can have a lifetimes worth of experience and knowledge and still be none the wiser if we haven't learned how to use that in service to something more than ourselves- be that our community, loved ones or the planet herself. This year you will be learning to place trust in your own wisdom, your own voice and your own inner guide.

2️⃣ Solar plexus space energy

The space of personal power, confidence and worth.

As a 2, there will be opportunities to sit in self trust and self love. Building confidence in your path and the way in which you walk through the world.

Inner season- wisdom

The inner season of wisdom is all about recognising what actions need to be taken and more importantly which do not. We can have a lifetimes worth of experience and knowledge and still be none the wiser if we haven'