I've been a fan of essential oils most of my life. Although my mum wasn't a massive user of oils, I still remember the oil burner coming out with the tea tree oil whenever I had a cold as a child and it must have stuck with me (Although I'm still not a fan of the smell of tea tree as a result!) 

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As a mum myself, I used oils all the way through all 4 of my pregnancies and have used them throughout my life in so many ways! Despite this, I had a real issue with lavender oil and it would give me a migraine whenever I smelt it. I mentioned this to a friend who works with Doterra and she convinced me to give their lavender oil a go. Well, to my surprise- No migraine! Not even a headache! 

 It was only then that I began the journey of learning more about the oils I had been using, the licencing around them, the quality and the footprint they can leave behind on our planet and on the farmer's lives when they aren't created and cared for in beautiful ways. 

It turned out the oils I had been using weren't actually 100% pure essential oils and after rigorous research into Doterra, I decided to swap to their products AND happily advocate for them myself too! 

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Seeing the benefits of using Doterra oils and smelling pure oils for the first time has been an experience I want lovers of oils to have because if you already know how beneficial they can be, trust me when I say this- You haven't even begun to experience what happens when you use the real deal. 

Below is some great info on Doterra's top 10 oils as well as how you can get your hands on them! 

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