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Putting the YOU in your brand

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Your branding needs to reflect you.

Who you are, what you provide and how your clients feel working with you.

Colour is a language we all speak.

So let your colours speak through your brand images!


Colour invokes emotions, memories, thoughts and actions that words can't convey, so knowing your colours deeply and authentically using them,  will enhance your brand identity and build trust in the work you do.

It's the game-changer for business, you didn't know that you needed!

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Hi, I'm Nici Gorman and I'm a colour therapist, coach and mentor.

Primarily I work with colour in a healing capacity and in my confidence coaching, but after years of working with clients, I've come to understand just how important and powerful colour is in every corner of our lives!

Unlike mainstream branding, working with your intuitive colours is about injecting you into your brand in a way that lets that person (you) behind your business shine.

After all, people buy from people and as Tracy from Equilibrium Photography, says often, your potential clients are looking for a full, true, and authentic picture of you! Your personality, who you are, what you stand for and what you can do for them.

Colour is one of the simplest ways in which this can happen and so as a colour expert, I've partnered with Tracy to provide a session to discover the 'you' in your branding, as part of your brand images package! 

image of oracle cards, lavender stems and a turquoise lidded roller ball. The cards shows the words trust in blue and gratitude in orange

During your discovery session with me, you will learn what intuitive colours are, find your top 3, what they actually mean to you and to others and how they speak to people about you and what you do! 

You will come away from the session with a colour report listing your top 3 intuitive colours, their emotional connection, purpose and how to use them throughout your branding shoot with Tracy and across your business in the future too.
Colour in relation to branding can feel like an utter minefield, so let's take the stress out and get down to the work of showing who you are and what you do in beautiful, colourful, confident images!