Fuck it therapy is the umbrella under which all my main work sits.

When life feels like it raining down, you just want a damn umbrella that works right?


Well, you are in luck!


Come share mine for a while and in time you might just realise you prefer dancing barefoot in puddles instead. 

Image by Todd Diemer

As a client, you have unique needs and so your sessions need to be bespoke.


 With that in mind, your own fuck it therapy will be a mix of many of the tools I use.  


Some of those tools may include any or all of the following:



Intuitive guidance via card work

Relationship work

Energy healing work

Diet culture work

Hypnotherapy and more

We discuss the ins and outs of what's going on for you during your consultation call and develop a plan to get you moving from fuck this shit to unfuckwithable!  


Single sessions are available, however, booking a package of sessions is recommended for truly beneficial results.

The irony with my work is I am rarely teaching you anything new.


You are the expert of your own life.


However, there is a lot of conditioning, pain, trauma and beliefs that comes with that expertise and a brain that is frankly an unreliable fucker.

The work we do together is about helping you to throw everything down and choose what is yours to pick back up, because it can be so hard to see whats causing you to feel the way you are, when you are right in the middle of it!

You might have specific goals or changes you want to make

Or maybe you need advice from someone who has been there

Sometimes you might need help working out why these patterns keep repeating

Or maybe you've had enough of punishing that gorgeous amazing body of yours but don't know where to start.

Most often, fuck it therapy arises from a cry to the universe of

'I didn't sign up for this shit!'

And friends, I feel you. Ive screamed it.

But with everything I've experienced in life, the most valuable thing I've learnt is:

Whether or not I signed up for this, it's happening so I need to choose how to move through it.

And I would love to help you get there too.

Life isn't rainbows and unicorn farts, but we can still rock it as the perfectly imperfect humans we are, when we have the tools we need.