Hello Fellow humans!

I'm Nici your friendly neighbourhood sweary spiritual coach! 

Over 10 years ago I started a journey back to myself in the midst of being a mum to 3 small humans and juggling a 2nd divorce. Clearly, I love a challenge!


What I can say is I'm still here! yay! and that journey continues today only now with 4 slightly less small humans.


We all face struggles that make us want to flip tables, build a blanket fort and never come back out and I'm not gonna lie and say I magically solved that. 

But I have found a way to make my life work well for me and I even manage it without a drop of alcohol! (sharp intake of breath and clutch of pearls at the thought!)

Over the years, I came to understand how many of the struggles I faced, didn't belong to me, how the shoulds and would's and could's of life were harming me, and how I could simplify my life into something I could actually work with.  

How? What's the magic solution? Well, my friends, there isn't one. 


But there are 2 special words that definitely help... those words are FUCK IT!

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Nici smiling with a brick wall behind her, with various necklaces on




Did you know there are around 130 million books in the world? If you wanted to read them all in your lifetime, you'd be looking at reading around 1.5 million books per year!

I read that and I respond 'challenge accepted!'

I generally have at least 4 books on the go on my bed shelf. Books are such an important feature in our home that there are entire nooks carved out to provide for them and the wonderful worlds they take us to.

I LOVE the abundance of thoughts, opinions, expertise, knowledge, imagination, passion and joy books bring to me, my family and my wider community and I'm not sure I will ever get to a point where I think 'yeah I'm done reading'

They also remind me how privileged I am to have access to books, let alone the freedom to read them, the safety to escape into them and the education to be able use them.

Because of my book habit, I get asked for recommendations A LOT... So I set up my own little corner on bookshop.org called Nici Rambles!


Go check it out if you too are a book lover! (P.S. I do get a small commission on any books you buy from that link)


All 4 of my children have been home educated at various points in their lives.


Child 4 has been a home edder since birth (now 8), child 3 since the age of 6, child 2 was home ed until going to secondary school at 11 and child 1 left school at 11 and remained home ed until college and is now at University. (Yes, I know I don't look old enough to have an 18-year-old!) 

Home education is a really important part of my life and my work enables me to home educate by day and support my clients by night. My husband plays a huge role in this, working during the day as an engineer and then taking over from me with the kiddos in the evening. 

You know I said earlier about recognising struggles that didn't belong to me? The school system supporting the needs of my kiddos was one of those struggles and when I finally said fuck it let's try a different way, an entire world of joy and connection and learning and growing opened up for us!

Most people who hear that I home ed have similar reactions of shock and disbelief that I could actually enjoy spending that much time with my kids and honestly, I wouldn't have believed it myself 10 years ago either! 

I LOVE the journey my kids take me on daily, their awe and wonder and excitement of the world. Their strong beliefs and opinions and ideas. And most of all their fire and passion for learning, something that took me a long time to find in myself again as an adult.

Beautiful day of healing.jpg


Spirituality is that part of us that seeks to know ourselves. To know others. To understand and be understood and that stuff is what gets me up in the morning. How we move through life and seek to find the answers and connections to do those things I just mentioned is our personal spiritual practice.


How mad is it that we humans are currently thought to be the only animal species that has conscious introspection?

All animals eat, drink, sleep, think, communicate, feel pain, grief and compassion  Many animals have superior intelligence to humans too! But currently, the research shows that humans are different in a few ways- We are able to think about the long term future, ponder our existence and have concerns about death and dying.

That is where our spirituality comes from. This pondering about the future, about death, about our existence. We have a mind that seeks to know.

Spiritual practice is anything that brings you closer to understanding yourself, others, existence, life. They are the practices that help you to reflect, stay grounded in your life, deal better with difficulty and express yourself.


Most people in the world today, are understandably focused on meeting their basic and psychological needs but contrary to what you might think, spiritual practice enables those needs to be met with less struggle.

For me, my spiritual practice involves many things that move me closer to all the benefits spirituality brings me. I practice meditation. I dance. I journal and write. I discuss deep philosophy and metaphysics and witchcraft with friends. I explore religions and beliefs. I read oracle and tarot, I practice reiki, I coach and mentor others and I provide a space for others to do much the same in a safe and loving setting where they can bring old spiritual practice and new age spiritual practice into their lives in ways that benefit them in their journey inwards to know themselves too. 


I believe that the words 'fuck it' is one of the most profound and useful sayings ever, and you can use it to drastically improve your situation and transform your life.

That you are the expert of your own life. My entire role is to help YOU remember that and take action from knowing it.

That you heal yourself. You may come to me for healing and mentoring, and I am epic at providing it. But spoiler alert, what I'm really doing is helping you to recognise your ability to heal your own life.

That magic is real. Guiding you to your own self-enquiry is where the magic happens.

That life is an honour to experience, and every person deserves to feel that way, even with the hard bits, and I want you to believe that too.