“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

-Maya Angelou


I am Nici Gorman and I am the bones of Dare To Be, it’s just me myself and I and all 3 of us are so happy to meet you! (see what I did there?)


To sum up who I am and what Dare To Be is, in as few words as possible and with a fun analogy (I love analogies) I'd like you to think of me as your personal tour guide of life.


When you are on holiday, you slow down, relax and want to take in the view right? A tour guide helps you to see all the bits you might have missed because you don't know the area. They know the back alleys with the best shops and galleries. They know the quiet beaches with the crystal clear lagoon. They know the areas to avoid, the best bars and can get you the all-access backstage passes too! 

Well, that's what I do but for your life. I don't know your life, your experiences or your struggles, but I do now how to hear you and guide you to knowing you already had the map to that life all along.  

I guide you to get aware of yourself and out of autopilot. 

Have you ever seen the film Click? Its where the main character has a remote control to life. He finds the autopilot button and basically completely misses 40 years of his life. He misses the tears, laughter, grief, joy. He misses everything that makes life, well life! We so often want to autopilot through the 'get up, go to work, earn money, cook, clean, sleep' but in the process, we miss all the amazing experiences that happen alongside.   ​

I help you get clear on who you are.

I work with people who identify with the more feminine energy within each of us. (We are each a mix of both masculine and feminine energy) This means I work with people who identify as women and people who align more closely to those behaviours and attributes that are energetically feminine. We are taught we need to fit into pretty boxes and labels, Some of these labels we choose for ourselves but many are given to us by others, oppressive societies and also advertising. As humans, we have some pretty simple needs. To feel safe, to have the opportunity to thrive, to feel heard, to be accepted for whom we are. As a white cisgender woman, these needs are easily met for me in a world where my face, my sexuality, my gender, my body and my neurology fits the 'norm'. But as a mum of neurodiverse children, with diverse sexualities, I see these simple needs arent met easily in the world my children will currently grow up in. I want that for them. I want that for you. My work is about guiding you to find your voice, helping you to remember that you are way more capable and awesome than the labels others have given you and holding space while we chuck all that Shizzle on the floor for you to pick up the bits that are really who you are and want to be, moving forward.

I guide you to simplify your life into something you can actually work with. 

I have a nickname, it's master of the reframe. A friend gave it to me because of my ability to listen to what is going on for someone, actually HEAR what is being said, simplify it down and then offer all the other options that they could not see were available to them. Id love to say its a superpower I was born with, but alas, its a skill I've gained from years of self-development and training But It is a superpower none the less, and one WHOLEHEARTEDLY I own!  


To be clear and sorry not sorry, there isn’t a happy ending of you walking off into the sunset, with no problems, no challenges and life being all rainbows and unicorn farts. Working with me doesn’t mean life will suddenly be non-challenging, but it does mean you will be able to see the challenges, not stand in your own way and find the way forward in more situations. 

So what’s My Ethos?

  • That life is simple but that we like to complicate it. I am here to help you learn this and see where it can take you!

  • That you are the expert of your own life. My entire role is to help remember that and take action from knowing it.

  • That you heal yourself. You may come to me for healing and I am epic at providing it. But what I am really doing is helping you to recognise your ability to heal your own life.

  • That magic is real. Guiding you to your own self-enquiry is where the magic happens.

  • That life is a joy and an honour to experience, and every person deserves to feel that way, even with the hard bits and I want you to believe that too.

I draw on any and sometimes all of my tools to provide you with what you need, even when you aren't sure what that is. My role as your guide is to help you to simplify, clarify, work out what you need, take action on what you want and lovingly stick my size 6 boot up your bum when needed.

Because when you work on clearing the path for yourself, it has a profound impact on everyone’s lives around you too. Maybe, just maybe, you are ready to stop running around like a headless chicken and instead become the lighthouse you were supposed to be, shining your crazy light and providing yourself with a clear and bright path ahead.

So what now?

If what I've said resonates, you could choose to:

  • Have a nosey at my about me page. 

  • Book in a chat with me. 

  • Join my free explore membership where we do awesome stuff all the time.

  • Read more about what kind of work you can do with me

  • Or you could choose to do nothing. Which is a valid choice too.


All that's left to say is thanks for popping by! 

I'd love to get to know you and how we might work together in whatever way that feels right for you. 

Massive love,

Nici- Dare To Be


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