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A daily journal, connected to the ever-turning spirals of nature, our emotions, our inner compass and the seasons, with stories, poems and folklore from Gaelic history. 

What's not to love?

Inspire yourself in new ways, reframing how you connect and see the world


(It's not sexy but it's needed)

Eurghhhh, I bet you're thinking here's yet another home page, on another coaching site to scroll through, to find the info you are really looking for right?! Who has time for that shit? Not you, my friend!

You are here because you want to find ways to support you in feeling stable in the ups and downs of life and able to navigate the tough stuff.  


Maybe you are looking for a magic solution? Well, sorry not sorry, my friends, there isn't one. 


But there are 2 special words that definitely help... those words are FUCK IT!

How about this- Give me 1 minute of your time and then we can go from there. Deal? Okay!  

To make this super simple, let's see how many of these statements you agree with.

If none resonate, you've landed in the wrong place, thanks for checking me out!


If several feel like I'm talking to you directly, boom! Let's look at the next stages.  

Sitting comfortably? Let's begin...

 I want to feel more stable and able 

 I want to feel able to manage my day to day life 

 I want to know what is a fuck yes and a fuck no in my life 

 I want to know deep down I've done my best in each moment ​

 I want to feel like I am completely rocking it as a human being, even when stuff is tough 

 I want to feel in control of what I CAN control 

Nici peeking out from a book with her signature eyebrow raise

How did you do?

(can we also just celebrate my awesome timing skills as that was under a minute!)

Here's the thing, you've been taught your entire life that you aren't winning at this thing called life unless you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and rocking in the corner while still smiling at the end of the day. It's genuinely pretty fucked up. 

Society literally rewards burnout as a mark of success and a candle and a bath will fix it, right? Now I LOVE baths, but this idea of fixing things with one just papers over the real issues at play here.  (Clue- the issue is the PATRIARCHY friends...and that shit hurts everyone)

So, until more reasonable humans are running the world, you need to learn to say 'fuck it'. 

You can be free to do things your way with trust and ease. 

You can feel supported, full of clarity and strength. 

And you can feel empowered, confident, calm and connected while you do it all! 

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Now, to be clear, there isn’t a happy ending of you walking off into the sunset, with no problems, no challenges and life is all rainbows and unicorn farts.


Working with me doesn’t mean life will suddenly be non-challenging, but it does mean you will be able to see the challenges, not stand in your own way and find the way forward with less suffering in more situations. (note i said less suffering, not none)


I draw on any and sometimes all of my tools, to provide you with what you need, even when you aren't sure what the fuck that is.

My role as your guide is to help you to simplify, clarify, work out what you need, chuck the rest in the fuck it bucket and take action on what you want.

So, what now?

Why not grab a freebie below or book a free chat above, or go nose at the rest of the website and the value I offer. 


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